Chorley MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle applauded for telling Boris Johnson to "sit down" during Prime Minister's Questions

Chorley MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been widely congratulated for scolding the Prime Minister during a fiery Prime Minister's Questions.

By Catherine Musgrove
Thursday, 18th November 2021, 3:58 pm

Sir Lindsay, who is the Commons Speaker, gave Boris Johnson a series of tellings-off and eventually told him to “sit down” after he tried to turn the session on the Labour leader when grilled on the recent row over MPs having second jobs.

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As the Prime Minister began asking Sir Keir Starmer about previous work he has done with law firm Mishcon de Reya, Sir Lindsay cut off Mr Johnson and said: “I don’t want to fall out about it, I’ve made it very clear – it is Prime Minister’s Questions, it’s not for the Opposition to answer your questions.

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Sir Lindsay in the Speaker's chair

“Whether we like it or not those are the rules of the game that we’re all into and we play by the rules, don’t we? And we respect this House, so let’s respect the House.”

After Mr Johnson attempted to ask again about Sir Keir’s links with the company, an angry Sir Lindsay ordered him to “sit down”.

He said: "I’m not going to be challenged, you may be the Prime Minister of this country but in this House I’m in charge."

The overwhelming response on social media has been positive.

Ernst Steffen tweeted: "Leadership! #LindsayHoyle".

Colin Daffern tweeted: "I think everybody of a certain age who grew up in the north west had a teacher like Lindsay Hoyle - a genial soul until somebody pushed it too far. All that's missing from his intervention above is him referring to Boris as "sonny lad"!"

Carl Sanders said: "Just loved the way Sir Lindsay Hoyle handled it! Good for him!"

Dr David Bull, deputy leader of Reform UK, Former MEP, TV presenter and broadcaster wrote: "Love this classic put down . Quote of the day ‘Sit down... You may be the Prime Minister of this country, but in this House, I’m in charge."

However, others have said that Sir Lindsay, who is a Labour MP, displayed a "blatantly Labour-biased performance" and was "unprofessional".

Martin Keyworths tweeted: "@LindsayHoyle_MP needs to calm down as he really didn’t come across as very professional today and has to appreciate that this so called “corruption” is nothing more than political noise from @UKLabour and the issue is across Parliament and therefore HIS responsibility."

Speaking on GB News, comedian Nick Dixon said: "It's a bit disappointing that the first serious opposition to Boris has come from from the Speaker rather than Starmer, basically the guy that does the House admin."