Chorley MP clashes with ex SNP leader

Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle came head to head with Scotland's Alex Salmond at a Common's debate at Westminster on Monday.

The heated shouting match was sparked after Mr Salmond accused Mr Hoyle, who is Parliament’s deputy speaker, of cutting off a colleague.

Tempers had been fraying after seven hours of debate on the Government’s Brexit plans.

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Mr Hoyle attempted to bring the discussion to a close as midnight apprached, cutting Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry off saying: “I think that the honourable and learned lady’s speech has come to an end.”

She had accused the Government of ‘hubris and contempt’ by rejecting SNP demands for Scotland to be given full consultation on Brexit negotiations.

The former Scottish first minister Mr Salmond then raised a point of order, addressing Mr Hoyle: “It is clear that my honourable and learned friend the member for Edinburgh South West had not resumed her seat, sir.

“Being in the chair accords you many privileges, but you cannot reinterpret the wishes of an honourable member who is on her feet.”

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Ms Cherry left the chamber in protest as SNP and opposition MPs jeered and shouted, complaining of a lack of time to debate the amendments.

Speaking to the Post afterwards Mr Hoyle said: “The debate and votes on Brexit are hugely important with opposing views from all sides, so I think it would be unusual if there weren’t heated exchanges!

“Being the referee can sometimes be a difficult position but it is part of the job of deputy speaker.

“Of course, I understand why Alex felt so angry but the House of Commons had already agreed to a programme motion, this set out the time table for the debate and the votes leading up to midnight.”