Chorley G7 Speakers' Summit: guests appear to be staying at a Preston hotel

The region is preparing for the big event this weekend.

By Aimee Seddon
Friday, 17th September 2021, 5:18 pm
Preston Marriott Hotel was surrounded by police officers today.
Preston Marriott Hotel was surrounded by police officers today.

Today, a large police presence was seen outside the Preston Marriott Hotel, suggesting that high profile guests from this weekend's G7 Speakers' summit, may be staying there for the 3-day trip.

Some of the world’s most senior parliamentarians will be arriving in the region today to attend the G7 summit taking place at Astley Hall in Chorley, as part of a gathering which tours the globe every year.

Security preparations began at Astley Hall yesterday, and from the scenes outside Preston Marriot Hotel in Broughton, it appears this venue will also be playing a big part in the weekend.

A high police presence will be seen across the region over the weekend, due to the G7 speakers' summit.

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This evening, Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is welcoming counterparts from around the world to Chorley, the town he has represented as an MP for almost 25 years.

Included in the high profile cohort will be US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelsosi, as well as Richard Ferrand, the President of the Italian Chamber, Robert Fico, the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and the President of the EU Parliament, David Sassoli.

Starting off the 3-day trip, visitors will be heading to Astley Hall for a dinner tonight, which will showcase some of Lancashire's finest delicacies.

Security measures at the Mariott Hotel in Broughton.

On Saturday the guests will then be taking part in a series of discussions about how to maintain the balance between open democracy and secure legislative buildings, as the theme of the event is ‘Secure Versus Open Parliaments’ and how to make political representatives and their seats of power both accessible but safe.

The UK staged the main annual summit in Cornwall earlier this month as it is the current holder of the G7 presidency, which is also why it is now hosting the associated Speakers’ Summit this weekend.

Locals can expect a large police presence across the weekend.