1,000 garden waste bins go uncollected in Chorley due to driver shortage

Nearly 1,000 garden waste bins went uncollected in Chorley borough yesterday (Monday, September 21) due to the ongoing driver shortage.

By Matthew Calderbank
Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 2:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 7:46 am
Chorley Council said driver shortages led to missed bins collections in Buckshaw Village, Clayton-le-Woods and Cuerden on Monday (September 20)
Chorley Council said driver shortages led to missed bins collections in Buckshaw Village, Clayton-le-Woods and Cuerden on Monday (September 20)

The lack of qualified drivers led to missed collections in Buckshaw Village, Clayton-le-Woods and Cuerden, but Chorley Council said efforts will be made over the next couple of days to return to these streets (see full list below).

It is advising affected households to leave their grey bins out so they are not missed when crews return.

A spokesman for Chorley Council said: "Unfortunately due to driver shortages we have been unable to complete some scheduled garden waste collections yesterday (Monday, September 20).

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But Chorley Council said efforts will be made over the next couple of days to return to those streets where bin went uncollected

"If your grey bin has been missed then please leave your bin out as we are planning to return to empty grey bins on Tuesday 21 or Wednesday 22, September.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused."

You can report a missed bin collection to Chorley Council here.

Councillor Adrian Lowe, executive member of Chorley Council (Customer and Streetscene Services) said: "We have continued to carry out main bin collections without disruption but in recent weeks, due to a national shortage of HGV drivers, there have been a few areas in the borough where we have had difficulties collecting garden waste bins on the scheduled day.

"Residents have still had their garden waste bins collected, just a day or two later than usual.

"On occasions where there are disruptions to our bin collection service, we publish details on our website so residents can see if they are affected: chorley.gov.uk/bincollectionissues"The HGV driver shortage is a national problem and we know that our contractor has struggled to recruit drivers – we are urging the Government to take action and support the industries which are affected

"If someone is looking for HGV work, they can send their information to our waste contractor FCC Environment, details of which can be found on their website fccenvironment.co.uk, alternatively we’re happy to pass details on.”

Chorley has a refuse and recycling collection contract worth over £26 million with Northampton-based FCC Environment, which started in April 2019.

But the Council says the waste management company - which collects bins from 1.3million households around the UK each week - is struggling to recruit enough HGV drivers to keep its fleet moving.

However, the firm's website does not have any vacancies for drivers listed on its jobs page. FCC Environment has been approached for comment on its driver shortages and recruiting efforts.

Full list of streets with missed collections (and number of homes affected)

Acorn Court - Clayton-le-woods (4)

Arden Drive - Clayton-le-woods (26)

Atlas Avenue - Buckshaw Village (8)

Azalea Close - Clayton-le-woods (3)

Bamburgh Drive - Buckshaw Village (18)

Beaufort Close - Buckshaw Village (16)

Bedgebury Close - Clayton-le-woods (6)

Beech Tree Close - Cuerden Residential Park (7)

Bellflower Close - Clayton-le-woods (13)

Berkeley Drive - Cuerden (4)

Bernwood Crescent - Clayton-le-woods (15)

Birch Avenue - Cuerden Residential Park (31)

Bradfield Close - Clayton-le-woods (5)

Brookwood Way - Buckshaw Village (20)

Brookwood Way - Buckshaw Village (27)

Broom Close - Clayton-le-woods (7)

Camellia Drive - Clayton-le-woods (24)

Charnwood Mews - Clayton-le-woods (14)

Cuerden Close - Cuerden (15)

Cyclamen Close - Clayton-le-woods (17)

Cypress Close - Clayton-le-woods (31)

Dahlia Close - Clayton-le-woods (10)

Dallington Avenue - Clayton-le-woods (44)

Darwin Drive - Clayton-le-woods (21)

Dunnerholme Avenue - Buckshaw Village (28)

Elm Grove - Cuerden Residential Park (23)

Ferndown Avenue - Buckshaw Village (7)

Galloway Close - Clayton-le-woods (2)

Gisburn Court - Clayton-le-woods (10)

Halifax Drive - Buckshaw Village (21)

Hampton Grove - Clayton-le-woods (13)

Heyford Avenue - Buckshaw Village (9)

Hollington Close - Clayton-le-woods (6)

Hudson Drive - Buckshaw Village (9)

Ivy Close - Clayton-le-woods (16)

Kielder Gardens - Clayton-le-woods (15)

Leighfield Close - Clayton-le-woods (9)

Longhirst Close - Buckshaw Village (8)

Lydiate Lane - Cuerden (6)

Magnolia Drive - Clayton-le-woods (18)

Maple Court - Cuerden Residential Park (3)

Marlborough Close - Buckshaw Village (8)

Mercia Grove - Clayton-le-woods (16)

Mortimer Place - Clayton-le-woods (8)

Moss Lane - Clayton-le-woods (14)

Nell Lane - Cuerden (2)

Oaktree Avenue - Cuerden Residential Park (21)

Old Thorns Crescent - Buckshaw Village (23)

Parkhurst Avenue - Clayton-le-woods (32)

Petunia Close - Clayton-le-woods (8)

Prestwick Close - Buckshaw Village (16)

Rose Close - Clayton-le-woods (5)

Shady Lane - Clayton-le-woods (4)

Shady Lane - Cuerden (3)

Sherwood Avenue - Clayton-le-woods (19)

Snowdrop Close - Clayton-le-woods (18)

Stockwood Park Court - Buckshaw Village (5)

Tay Mews - Clayton-le-woods (1)

Tempest Close - Buckshaw Village (5)

Thetford Drive - Clayton-le-woods (16)

Trethorne Avenue - Buckshaw Village (3)

Wentwood Crescent - Clayton-le-woods (31)

West Drive - Cuerden Residential Park (4)

Westland Place - Buckshaw Village (14)

Whinfell Close - Clayton-le-woods (14)

Whiteleaf Place - Clayton-le-woods (7)

Wigan Road - Clayton-le-woods (23)

Willow Crescent - Cuerden Residential Park (7)

Wilmar Road - Clayton-le-woods (1)

Windflower Drive - Clayton-le-woods (25)

Windlemere Close - Buckshaw Village (10)

Worlington Close - Buckshaw Village (9)

Wychwood Grove - Clayton-le-woods (16)