Police call to strip Chorley shop of booze licence

Police want to strip a convenience shop owner of his licence following a history of illegal and counterfeit tobacco sales at the premises.

They have applied for a review of the licence at a shop on Market Street, Chorley, on the grounds of prevention of crime and disorder and the protection of children.

Chorley Council issued a licence for the premises – trading under the name of Eurostar – in August 2011.

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A catalogue of incidents identified by police have included a swoop on the shop with Trading Standards in January in connection with the sale of counterfeit/illegal tobacco. Officers have told the council they found a hidden compartment built into the display behind the counter, accessed by a key fob. It contained illicit tobacco which was seized.

In a follow up visit the following month, Trading Standards used a Polish man and woman as prospective customers, who were sold illicit tobacco. Officers again entered and said they found a quantity of tobacco hidden under packets of crisps in a cardboard box at the rear of the shop.

In April, police carried out a test purchase operation, using a 15-year-old female volunteer who was sold alcohol.

The sales assistant was a 17-year-old who was alone in the shop. He was unable to produce any staff training records, a refusal register or any authority from the designated premises supervisor authorising him to sell alcohol.

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Further counterfeit/illegal tobacco under the counter was found and seized.

The police application to the council stated: “The premises, despite a number of interventions by the responsible authorities, continues to sell counterfeit/illegal tobacco.

“The sale of these products is a criminal offence.”

The licence is currently held in the name of Karzan Sardar. No one at the shop could be reached for comment.