Plans submitted for more than 300 new homes

More than 300 houses could be set for the Garstang area after two outline applications were submitted to Wyre Council.

The first is for up to 183 homes, a 3G sports pitch and parking facilities on land to the east of Lancaster New Road, Cabus.

The second is for a residential development containing up to 165 houses on land at Arthur’s Lane in Hambleton. The plans also include a car park and drop off zone to serve Hambleton Primary Academy and an extension to the school playing field.

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Both outline applications were submitted last week but have already attracted some objections from local residents.

Catharine Woodhead, who lives in Cabus, said she objected to the Cabus proposal because of worries regarding traffic, flooding and not enough facilities to support the development.

She said: “To build this amount of houses, in addition to the proposals already passed would, I believe, have a very negative effect on this area.

“There are quite simply not enough resources in town to cope with this volume of residents, not to mention the increased volume of traffic which would result if this development was to go ahead.

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“A football pitch is not required, we have a perfectly good playing field in Garstang not to mention the excellent facilities at Garstang Academy.

“This development would also greatly impact negatively on house prices.”

And the Hambleton plans have also attracted negative views with more than 30 objection letters sent to the council.

And William Ballantyne, from Wyreside Drive in Hambleton, objected to the plans and said: “The new properties will put a strain on an already over stretched drainage system. There are floods in the village after heavy rainfall.

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“Added to this objection is the fact that as there is a proposal to further increase the population of the village, a decision has been taken to withdraw bus services. This is a development too far. The village does not want it, does not need it and certainly cannot handle it.”

The applications will be discussed by Wyre’s planning committee at a meeting later this month.

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