Your Father's Day messages to your one-in-a-million dads

It's Father's Day and we invited you to have a message printed for free in the paper and here they are. Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere.

By Jon Peake
Sunday, 20th June 2021, 7:00 am
Happy Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day!

Alun Butler, Hindley Green: Thank you for all the things you do. Wesley Butler

John Ioannou, Blackpool: Happy fathers to the most amazing dad thanks for all you do wouldn’t be without you love you lots. Kylie Ioannou x

Steven Goldie, Blackpool: To my Daddy Happy Father’s Day your simply the best and I love being your little girl,lots of love. Darcy Goldie aka GG

Anthony Dunleavy: Happy Fathers Day Daddy, thank y ou for all of the fun, laughs and love you give me, I am the luckiest little girl. Lily Elizabeth Andrews-Dunleavy

Philip Ruddy: Thanks Dad for absolutely everything you do for me. Thanks for being my best friend and for showing me which rugby team i needed to support (Wigan). Love always Dad. Thomas Edward Andrews-Ruddy

Geoff Hatter, Wigan: To dad thank you for always being there for me and always making sure I get to all my football sessions an matches. Hope you have a brilliant day. I love you. Harvey Wigman

Trev Sutton, Orrell: Happy Fathers Day Dad. Love you loads. Hope you have a great day. World’s best Grandad ever to Terry too. Rebecca Sutton

Andrew McCormick, Norley: Happy fathers day Dad/Step-Dad. We all love you so so much. Worlds best Dad. Hope you have the best day ever. Lots and lots of love and sloppy kisses. Billy, Kyle, Dylon,Lewis and Terry McCormick/Sutton

Jason Thomas, Wigan: Thank you dad for being the most amazing dad anybody can be , your raised me and made me the woman i am today, i love you millions . thank you for giving me life and helping me become the person i am today. Gemma Thomas

William Charles Jones, Ashton-in-Makerfield: Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Dad. My first and only hero! We all love you so much and want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the love, care and help you’ve given to Ian, Karen, Michelle and myself over all these years that you’ve been OUR DAD X. Kirsten Harris

Stewart McArdle, Haydock: Happy Fathers Day Dad/Daddy we hope you have a day that’s as special as you are to us love hugs and kisses. Caitlin and Amber McArdle

Ian Rees: Happy Father’s Day daddy! Love you to the moon and back. Bella-Rose and Bonnie-Rae

John Livingstone: To Daddy Thank you for all the fun during lockdown while mummy’s been at work. Your the best! Millie,JJ and Maya

Nico Stefani, Blackpool: To Daddy, we are so proud of you working so hard at Stefanis pizzeria all the time and we know you do it for your family. This last year has been hard at work because of Rona, We want you to have the best Father’s Day ever. Love you so much. Mia Stefani and Nico Junior Stefani

Lee Good, St Annes: Thank you for all you do for us. We love you very much and love all the adventures we go on as a family. Olivia and Millie x

Sean McConnell, Wigan lower ground: Happy Father’s Day to the best most kindest caring funny loving dad, you’re one in a billion dad you will forever be my first love my best friend my everything dad, I love you so much words can’t explain have a good day and grandad will be so proud of you dad xxxx. Sinead McConnell

Grandad Mike and grandad Denis, heaven: Happy heavenly Father’s Day grandads I wish I was spending it with you but the angels needed you more, I can’t put into words how much I miss you both but I will forever love you both with all my heart sleep tight my angels. Sinead, Wigan

Jamie Houghton, Blackpool: Happy Fathers Day to the best daddy, thank you for everything you do for us we love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Tyler and Ollie

Les Hughes, Cleveleys: Happy fathers day to the greatest dad in the land have a fantastic day! We love you millions. Lots of love Donna Mark, Sharon and Carl x

John Kitchen, Blackpool: Happy Father’s Day dad & grandad. We hope you have a lovely chilled out day and thankyou for all you do for us. Xxxxx Lynnette, Tyler and Ollie

Ryan Skivington: To my amazing dada thank you for being the best dad. Thank you for all the love you give me. I love you. Ryko Skivington

Gordon Heywood, Blackpool: Happy 1st Fathers Day Daddy! I love you sooo much! Thank you for being my lockdown best friend! Lots of love, Jesse Heywood (11 months) xx

Peter Marshall, blackpool: Happy fathers day daddy love you to the moon and back. Nikkita and Luke x

Ryan Sutton, Preston: Your the best daddy in the world and we both love you to the moon and back! Lunah-Rae & Larson

James Howarth, Bamber Bridge: I love you daddy , thank you for everything you do for me and mummy. Maisy Howarth

Brian Tully, Blackpool: Happy fathers day dad have a brilliant day love me and Pete xx. Lynda Marshall

Paul Jones , Leyland: Dad just a quick message to tell you how much you mean to me and Adam , and your grandchildren we love you so much thank you for everything you do for us all love you dad COYW 62 years always xxxxx. Danielle Masterson

Colin Delaney: Colin My Step Dad thank you for all you do for me.. we are a good team you Mum and me... Lucy Young

Christopher Sandham: Happy Fathers Day Daddy. Thank you for everything you do for me and My big sister , we love you very much x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Frankie Sandham

Adam Masterson, Preston: Happy Fathers day daddy/dad we love you so much you are the best in the whole world . Thank you so much for everything you do for all three of us you are the best love lots our King xxxxx Lilly-May , Loretta and Jack

Daniel Ball, Leyland: To Dad , Happy Father’s Day! Hope you have a great day. Love you lots Anthony xxxx

Robert Lonsdale, Leyland: To my Daddy. Thank you for all you have done in my first year of life. You wipe tears off my face and then snot. You use your hand because you love me that much. I love it when we Roar at each other and act silly and you give the best cuddles and kisses ever. Happy Fathers Day. Lots and lots of love always, your little boy Brody

Martyn Hilbert: Happy Father’s Day Dad/Grandad: We hope you have a great day !! Lots of love from Andrew, Viky,Philip and Anthony (and George ) xxxxx

Mark Young: Happy father’s day my favourite dad in the whole wide world xxxxxx. Lucy Young

Kenneth Shuttleworth, Clayton Brook: Happy fathers day to my awesome dad love you millions and more. Danielle Shuttleworth

Mark Kelly, Hindley: Our daddy is our super hero! He makes us laugh and giggle. He teaches us new things and gives us cuddles if we are sad. He tells us silly stories and plays silly games with us. Daddy is super fun and we love him lots and lots! Alicia and Austin Kelly

Paul Cunliffe, Hindley: Our Papa is the bestest papa in the world. He is super kind, super funny and our bestest friend. Love you papa. Liss and Austin

Terry Cooper, Hindley Green: Our grandad is the best at playing games in the garden and talking us for walks. We love sitting on his knee telling him our stories and he tells us his stories which are always funny. We love you grandad. Lissy and Austin

Michael Fogarty, Cottam: Daddy, we want you to know we appreciate every thing that you do for us. You are the best dad ever! Enjoy your special day. Scarlett and Freddie Fogarty

Jason Thomas: Thank you for everything grandad I love you so much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I couldn’t of asked for a better grandad you mean the world to me and I love you millions and trillions. Kira Thomas

Shaun Sudworth: Have the best daddy’s day. Monty and Daisy xx

Lee Savage, Wigan: I’m as lucky as can be as the worlds best daddy belongs to me. Happy Fathers Day! Thank you for everything you do for me and mummy. Love you lots and lots. Lucy Savage

Malcolm Catchpole: Ur a pain , but a top dad hope u have a good day and have a good curry on me and Tommy and summer Lou !!! Keiron x

Michael Latus Brookfield, Preston: Happy Father’s Day to our super hero daddy the who keeps us giggling and laughing and helps us drive mummy daft , the one who teaches us right from wrong and the best cook in the whole world . We love u millions and millions daddy Amelia and Theo Driver xxxx

Ashley Marsh, Preston: Happy father’s Day daddy love you to the moon and back. Tilly-Rose and Alfie XX

My step dad Tommy, Preston: Happy father’s Day dad and grandad thanks for everything you do for us and being the best dad/grandad anyone could ask for love you lots. Lisa Parkinson and kids

Darrel Driver, Preston: Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world, your not only my dad but your my bestfriend and my rock! I love you millions. Jaime Driver

Roy Banks, Leyland: The absolute best Dad and Grandad in the whole world, always making us laugh with your silly jokes, always there when we need you. We are blessed and love you so very much. Thank you Dad/Grandad. Xxx Paula, Andrea, Charlotte, Amelia, Bobby Roy and Eva

Gerald Whittle, Chorley: Dad you are One in a Million, have the best day possible. Love you more than words can Say xxx Geraldine Johnson

Clive Winstanley, Ashton-in-Makerfield: Thank you for the time you gave, even when I misbehaved. Spellings, times tables, going swimming, or watching Wigan losing and winning! You were always there to spend the time, that’s the reason for this rhyme. Even though you might protest, in Tina’s words, you’re simply the best! Jade Earnshaw

David Hanson: Dad !! you’re amazing. We are all so proud of you. You are an inspiration, a role model to us all. You work hard, you support us, you are always there for us. We’re so proud of you!! We love you so much. All us Hansons, Blackpool

Oliver Booth: You are a Brilliant daddy to us. We love you so much!! You always make us happy and you are so fun. Lots of squishy cuddles sloppy kisses. Alice, Jessica and Oliver Booth

Jimmy Buchan: Happy Fathers Day. James & Emily,Adam & Dawn, Ryan & Zoe , Aimee,Charlie,James, Archie ,Harry & Cooper xx

Keith Lyon, Wigan: Dad.. Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being there for us no matter what.. the last three years have been so hard but you have done everything you can for us and we will be forever grateful we love you lots. Carolyn Lyon, Claire, Ant and Tom xxx

Alan Gibson, Beech Hill: To Dad Happy Fathers Day your such a special person, we both love you lots. Kerry Gibson and Daniel Gibson, Standish

Tony Grundy: Happy Father’s Day to the world’s best dad & grandad thank you for everything for us hope you have a lovely day you deserve it. Becky, Vicky, Ashley, Callum and your Grandchildren.