Fightmare Before Christmas for Chorley

It's a case of the 'Fightmare Before Christmas' for Chorley this weekend as Lancashire Wrestling Federation (LWF) will be hosting a big event this Sunday at the Town Hall.

By Emma Downey
Friday, 10th December 2021, 1:17 pm

Owner of the LWF, which has been running for four years training young wrestlers and putting on big shows for families, Ste Bibby said: "Fightmare Before Christmas is our biggest show to date – with the Town Hall being a bold step for us.

"The Mayor will be in attendance on the night and we will crown an LWF Champion with fan favourite Raynaldo (otherwise known as the Man of The Match) facing the arrogant upcoming star Nick Kutter in a match with no rules.

"Raynaldo has an army of fans who warm to his football gimmick and have seen him miss out so many times on his path to glory. Nick Kutter is the opposite and has been subjected to the crowd chanting “anyone but Kutter” at events leading up to this."

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The Fightmare Before Christmas will take place this Sunday.

He added: "We also have a very strong and proud women’s division at The LWF – with three matches on the night - the marquee match being the LWF debut of Lana Austin who has wrestled in Japan and worked with WWE before now. She has been putting in work teaching at our academy and now goes against one of her own students in KT Hawkins."

"The LWF provides hard hitting, fun and spectacular entertainment for its fans, and offers a release from the doom and gloom of current life.

"It's a carnival of characters and it can be inspiring to young people – particularly those who want to try something new and maybe become a wrestler one day."

The LWF Training Academy open on Saturday from 11am-1pm and Thursday from 7am-9pm. The first session is free and then costs £10 for future bookings.

Wrestling fans watching a fight.

Doors will open at at 6pm with the first bell at 6.30pm. The show will finish at 9pm.

Tickets are still on sale for the Fightmare before Christmas via the Facebook page or contact [email protected]

Getting a briefing on wrestling tactics.