Burberry, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren: Why a visit to new Preston Flannels store left us wanting to be like Victoria Beckham

The Post decided to venture down to the new Flannels store at Deepdale Retail Park to give our readers a sneak peek into what is on offer. Spoiler alert: I left empty handed and wanting to be Victoria Beckham.

By Emma Downey
Saturday, 12th March 2022, 4:55 am
Updated Saturday, 12th March 2022, 12:09 pm

On arrival I was greeted by a black and gold, illusion-themed (think vibes of the hypnotic Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland) building alongside a friendly security guard, opening the door and willing me inside.

The outside of the building depicts an image of the store being of an average size. This is deceptive, however, as once inside it could also 'store' a cafe with room to spare.

Through the doors, I was provided with upbeat tunes and spoilt for choice on an array of clothing.

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The socks in question

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The Post gives you an exclusive sneak peek inside the new Flannels Deepdale stor...

The staff are friendly and helpful when quizzed and the decor coupled with music which made you want to get up and dance, all mix for a relaxed, zen vibe while, in my case, definitely just window shopping.

Sporting the likes of popular brands such as Moschino, Burberry, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren, the shop caters for everyone including babies.

Socks, sunglasses, hoodies, bags, ties, wallets are all on offer at the brand store.

This black and gold blazer costs £1,750 when not on sale

Funky patterned mirrors are scattered around the shop for you to envision what you would look like in some of their many, desirable garments.

A black and yellow theme is also engraved on the walls - yellow being the most visible colour that the human eye notices.

I am informed by a nice, friendly employee that the front of the store houses the most expensive items, the middle showcases moderately priced apparel and the least expensive ones nestle themselves at the back of the store, leaving shoes and handbags out of the equation of course.

She further informs me that one of the most expensive items - a Burberry jacket, rings the till at a hefty price tag of £1,359, while a ladies black and gold buttoned blazer which is modelled on a mannequin at the front of the store is on sale (disclaimer - this may not still be on sale) from £1,750 down to to still more than £1,000, with the cardigan underneath priced at £1,200. A coveted Balenciaga bag will set you back a not insignificant £825.

This Burberry jacket which is a favourite with celebs costs a hefty £1,359 to purchase

At the end of the store (the cheapest part) a pair of Hugo Boss socks are priced at £14, making them the cheapest item we can find on our visit, while a pair of Ralph Lauren shorts will cost you £79.

While some (most) of the clothing, if purchased, might make you want (need) to take out another mortgage on your home, it got me thinking: Has anyone got Victoria Beckham's number?

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