Watch the moment a stunning starling murmuration is captured near Brockholes nature reserve

Brockholes Nature Reserve caught a stunning starling murmuration on Monday night.

Countless birds have been filmed gracefully gliding across the sky above Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston.

This mesmerizing occurrence, identified as a murmuration, involves vast congregations of starlings joining forces to create intricate patterns in the air.

The breathtaking spectacle unfolded over Brockholes Nature Reserve, marking it as one of the most extensive murmurations witnessed this year.

The Nature Reserve posted the video to their social media with the caption: ‘Yesterday the Lancashire Wildlife Trust's Full Staff Meeting took place at Brockholes, to finish the day all our staff and visitors present were treated to an absolutely spectacular starling murmuration

‘This amazing natural occurence in the sky finished off the day in style, and reaffirmed exactly why we undertake all the work we do at the Trust.’

Experts believe murmurations offer protection from predators as it is not easy to single out a single starling from a whirling group of thousands.

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