Urgent appeal to find Garstang's missing Millennium memorabilia

Residents of Garstang are being urged to help find missing millennium memorabilia, recording what life was like in the town in the year 2000.

Thursday, 18th March 2021, 12:30 pm
The Millennium Book and accompanying box had been on display at Patronal Festivals in St Helen’s Church, Churchtown. Image from Google.

In the run up to the milestone year, residents within the Kirkland Parish compiled an album, recording lives, thoughts, memories of people living in the area at that time.

People donated photographs, newspaper cuttings, posters and audio tapes for the album, so that they may be kept in one place for future reference as an archive.

But now the sycamore-backed book and accompanying box file containing additional material cannot be found.

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Linda Seed, who is leading the search, said it has recently come to light that nobody knows for sure when the items went missing, but possibly as long as 10 years ago.

She said: "One of the people who helped to compile these archives remembers them being loaned during a Patronal Festival, went on holiday, then forgot to chase up the whereabouts of the items for some considerable time."

She said that it would be "devastating" for the community to not find the items, "because of the time, effort and cost incurred when they were compiled, and of course not forgetting the contents."

The Millennium Book and accompanying box had been on display at Patronal Festivals in St Helen’s Church, Churchtown.

They were both placed in green baize boxes.

It is thought that the items could have been packed away in error along with someone else’s exhibits or loaned out, but never returned.

Although large, both are about the size of a traditional box file.

Linda added: "I, one of many, am looking forward to the items being discovered as I have never seen them.

"I shall then make every effort to scan them to digital images and be a reliable custodian until such time as we have a suitable place to put them on view. The church would be the obvious place, once we get permission from the vicar."

If you can help Linda, call 07740780668.

The sycamore-backed book:

Many households, if not all, wrote an account of who was living in their house, what age they were and what they did at the year 2000. These accounts were size A4 and placed in the book.

The box file:

Many of the older residents of Churchtown had written their memories of when they were growing up and included old photographs.

In the box file were placed tape recordings, newspaper cuttings, old and present day photographs, and an old poster about a "Whitsuntide Festival”, which had taken place many years ago.

There was also official paperwork regarding a sale of Kirkland Hall, from many years ago.