Tragic Saffie's mum is a true inspiration as family prepares for charity run

A Leyland businesswoman will team up with the family of terror bomb victim Saffie Roussos for the Great Manchester 10k this month.
Karen CarlinKaren Carlin
Karen Carlin

Karen Carlin, who runs Peppermint Cottage on Hough Lane, says she has been inspired by the courage of tragic Saffie’s mother Lisa who was left in a six-week coma by the Ariane Grande concert attack two years ago.

Lisa, 50, has gone through a tough rehabilitation in that time - which has included regaining the use of her legs.

Brave Lisa will tackle the run on Sunday, May 19.

Saffie roussos with mum LisaSaffie roussos with mum Lisa
Saffie roussos with mum Lisa
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Karen said: “In all my years, I have never ever seen an outpouring of true grief like I did when we lost Saffie-Rose Roussos and 21 others in the Manchester attack.

“People came from far and wide to show the Roussos family how much they cared.

“Thousands of bouquets were laid outside the chip shop where they lived and the donations received for the family were quite incredible!

“I found out about Saffie on 23rd May, my heart broke and I just couldn’t stop crying.

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Leyland and the rest of the country were stunned and numb, but showed how much camaraderie a community can have in times of need.

“And now, almost two years later, a new charity has been launched by Andrew and Lisa Roussos, 22MCR.

“It will be one of the first charities to help victims of terrorism, to get the right help, in the right way, as there is tragically little support in the UK.”

The Manchester Arena bombing left 22 concert fans dead.

Lisa was leaving with Saffie and her older daughter Ashlee, 27, when they were hit by the suicide bomb blast in the foyer.

Saffie - the youngest victim oft the attack - was killed.

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After Saffie’s death, Lisa and her husband Andrew decided returning home above their Leyland fish and chip shop would be too painful. They moved soon after Lisa was discharged.

Karen, who is married to Martin Carlin, a leading member of the Leyland Town Team, explained: “I am taking part in the Manchester 10k, with Lisa and her family, friends and even some of the medical staff who saved her life.

“Why? Because when I met up with Lisa in November last year she mentioned that she wanted to do something in her life maybe a run of some kind, despite the fact that she has had to learn to walk again.

“I was totally up for it.

“She inspires me everyday with her courage, her dignity and her determination to try and carry on despite her unimaginable grief and injuries.

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“I’m running for 22MCR as I feel I can still do more to help my friends and anyone who needs help from the charity.

“And also I’m doing it for Saffie-Rose, the most famous girl in the world - just ask Alexa.”

If you would to make a donation, then you can do so by going to

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