Valentine's Day: Dog bakery WoofLick goes all romantic with homemade heart-shaped treats

A woman has opened up a pet bakery in her home and will be selling Valentine's Day heart-shaped "Woof You" treats.

By Emma Downey
Wednesday, 26th January 2022, 5:46 pm

Owner of WoofLick Bakery Vic Stewart, 43, from Brindle decided to put her lockdown mileage to good use by starting up the tasty treats business which specialises in quality, natural, locally-sourced ingredients for your pets.

Vic also volunteers for Spaniel Assist - a rescue and rehoming programme for spaniels - and has rescued and adopted springer spaniels 14 year-old Millie and Alfie, 4.

Four year old Alfie, aka the WoofLick boy, was the mindset behind Vic opening the bakery.

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Vic and Alfie.

"He was nine months old when I rescued him, all skin and bones, very poorly with E-coil, so I started to bake him treats so I knew exactly what he was eating. Now he fit and healthy comes everywhere with me."

Husband Steve who owns a software company designed the bakery website which only launched in January and already has been met with rave reviews from customers including feedback saying the treats have aided their dogs anxiety.

She added: "I'm really passionate about the quality of product. My ethos is to have local, traceable and sourceable ingredients so pet owners can be assured of what goes into their pets food. Our meat is free range from Spout House farm and our honey is from a local award-winning bee keeper.

"All treats are made with human grade produce all of which is locally sourced."

Smile for the camera.

With names such as Chippy Supper, Move It, Blueberry Crunch, Sleepy Treat, Pick 'N' Mix and Choco WoofLickious, these treats are lab tested and vet approved. They have also been through several taste testing rounds with the WoofLick taste testing team.

Vic who also has a full-time job with a bank said: "I finish work every day at 5pm, go for a run and then fire up the ovens and do a treat every night which is something I enjoy."

The “Woof You” comprises of beetroot, pumpkin seeds and parsley and comes in the shape of a loveheart, its also packed with goodness for your dog and its gut.

"The end goal is to slowly grow the business, ensuring we do not lose our ethos at all, as that is WoofLick Bakery. There are many exciting things in the process," Vic adds.

Wooflick poster boy Alfie.

Vic knows that there are lots of dog treat companies out there, however she has ensured that everything has been done in line with Defra and Trading Standards.

To ensure that you know what your feeding your pet Vic continued: “Please always look for the analytical constituents on treat labels, this way you will know your treats have been through the right tests and approvals and are safe for your fur baby.”

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Alfie getting ready for a Woof You treat.