Sculpture provides global perspective at Goosnargh Oliverson's school

A beautiful and unusual leaving gift will be an enduring reminder of the "unprecedented" school year of 2020/2021 for pupils and staff at a Lancashire village school.

Pupils at a village junior school in Lancashire will in future have a very special global perspective - thanks to the leaving gift donated by this year's school leavers and their parents.

Following the Year Six leavers' assembly and prize giving the gift from parents was presented to the school - a specially carved wooden sculpture of a spinning globe depicting the seven continents of the world.

Local sculptor John McLaughlin was commissioned to make the globe. Parents' spokeswoman Tamsin Whalley described it as: "A stand alone piece that encourages the children to consider geography, the environment and a rather poignant nod to the global pandemic."

Year 6 pupils from Goosnargh Oliverson's CE school pictured with the globe

Headteacher Helen Sant said the gift is a continuation of a tradition started some five years ago where pupils help choose a significant gift which will benefit the school's pupils for years to come.

She said: "We loved the idea of Year 6 being involved and ‘leaving a bit of themselves’ behind ...This year's magnificent gift is so reflective of the class; children who are so interested in the world and its peoples.”

Helen continued: “It is so kind of our families and wonderful to know that they are motivated to leave something for those that follow them to enjoy. It has quickly become a bit of a tradition and I love the thought that those who have been through our school are still with us as part of the fabric of the place.”

That tradition began when Year 6 pupils were involved in designing a glass window for the local church. She said: "Although that project didn't quite get completed in time for them leaving - a seed was sown. Another class gifted school a bird table for the garden that said 'Class of 2015/16 has flown the nest!'. Each class seems to have found something that reflects them in some way. A gorgeous tree was planted by one class and they came back to water it all summer until it was established. I have seen them since, after school some evenings, visiting it.

The globe, commissioned by parents and made by John McLaughlin, depicts the world's continents

“After our mile a day running track was installed, two subsequent year groups donated fabulous sculptures of first a hare, and then a tortoise - the tortoise is still 'in hibernation’ as the lockdown class of 2019/20 haven't been able to gather and present it."

* The seven continents depicted are: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

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John McLaughlin pictured at work on another sculpture