Road junctions in Preston: Your comments on Preston's worst road junctions and why they are a nightmare

Sitting in traffic is miserable, and road junctions can be incredibly frustrating.
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It feels like time stops as we sit in our vehicles, surrounded by other vehicles that aren't moving. Junctions control the flow of traffic and can create chaos. Sometimes we see a green light, but it quickly turns red, trapping us in a frustrating cycle of honking horns and angry words.

We asked you on our Facebook page which were the worst road junctions in Preston and why? And we got loads of comments.

Here’s what you said …

We asked which were the worst road junctions in Preston and why? And you answeredWe asked which were the worst road junctions in Preston and why? And you answered
We asked which were the worst road junctions in Preston and why? And you answered

Stephen Croft

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The crossroads by Deepdale. No right turn signals and you’re left in the middle of the junction when the lights change back.

Amanda Devine

Garstang Road turning right towards Deepdale - no filter lane! Also the junction near the PNE stadium - who thought it was a good idea for traffic to turn right with no filters on the traffic lights. Both dangerous for the traffic turning.

Sitting in traffic is incredibly frustratingSitting in traffic is incredibly frustrating
Sitting in traffic is incredibly frustrating

Danny Teasdale

There really isn't that many that are decent in all honesty. The entire traffic management around Preston is shocking.

Richard McGowan

On a bike it has to be the junction of Water Lane with Strand Road - I get off and walk through it.

Tammy Hartley

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Junction of Lea Road and Blackpool Road. There is a crossing from Tesco side to Europcar across Blackpool road. But if you’re trying to cross Lea Road there is no crossing and you can’t see round the bend on Blackpool road for cars that are coming. You take your life into your own hands there and the lights change so quickly. There’s a lot of schools around there and when you have children with you it’s hard to cross that road safely and quickly.

Sarah-Jane McGee

New Hall Lane merging to Queen Street is a joke! If you know you know. Also Withy Trees junction is like Russian roulette.

Kate Moss

Marsh Lane turning right onto Corp street - the timing of the temp lights needs review with the temp lights at ringway only letting one car through at a time because there's no free road to turn into.

Colin Smith

Any that have so-called mini roundabouts because nobody knows how to use them. Just put back the simple give way T junctions and why not, if sitting at filter junctions with Traffic Lights to turn right or left and your road is clear, just go instead of waiting for a green light. This idea works well in other countries or are we just too thick, ignorant or inconsiderate to do such a thing.

Simon Gooch

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Broughton roundabout because if you turn left onto the M55 you end up in Blackpool.

Hawa Da Sahar

Every junction in Preston has become a nightmare nowadays.

Julie Moss

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put a pedestrian crossing/traffic lights at the point where they are, just past the junction of Sherwood Way/Eastway, must have had a screw loose. Very dangerous when the lights turn to red.

Don Meek

Corporation Street, the traffic lights are abysmal, hope it's better when the roadworks end, if they ever will!

Lauren Alice

Broughton crossroads where the lights used to be. Somehow the majority of drivers that use it seem to have passed their test not knowing the rules of a crossroads.

John Haines

Strand Road with Marsh Lane. Zero coordination between lights.

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