Queen's Platinum Jubilee: Curious case of missing crocheted Crown Jewels which went missing from post box

A Jubilee Party in the Park in Preston was nearly a search party for the stolen Crown Jewels after they went missing off a post box!

The crocheted Crown Jewels had been placed neatly on top of a post box on Gregson Lane in Hoghton to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.

However, it was not long before residents noticed the regal crochet missing.

Carolyn Grimbaldeston, 48, who is one of the fundraising members for Gregson Green Community Centre in Preston, said: "On Thursday evening it was taken off the post box between 10.30pm and 11pm.

Harry Fowler, who used his step ladder to retrieve the 'Crown Jewels' from a hedge in Hoghton, with Gregson Green Community Centre fundraising member Ann Atkin

"Someone said they had seen a group of youths around this time."

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She added: "The following morning we found it on top of a really tall hedge.

"Resident Harry Fowler got his step ladder to fetch it down and it was then restored to its rightful place with cable ties acting as a guard around it.”

The crocheted 'Crown Jewels' were removed from a post box in Hoghton late Thursday evening and found a short time after strewn over a hedge

Disheartened and unsure of what had happened, Carolyn continued: "Someone spent hours doing something really nice for our amazing village. This person is the Gregson Lane crochet fairy who has been putting knitted creations on post boxes since Covid.

"This is the fifth one.”

On Hoghton Noticeboard Facebook group other residents questioned if it was maybe taken in due to the rain, that it might have been “just a prank” or someone has possibly been drunk and used it as a hat.

Carolyn jested: "If it was the youths then maybe they were only having a laugh, but either way we managed to restore the Crown Jewels for the festival."