Preston's Here for Humanity have set up a new food hub for Fulwood residents

The group have expanded their food hub’s reach across Preston by a third.

By Aimee Seddon
Thursday, 3rd March 2022, 12:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd March 2022, 1:19 pm

This week, the Preston community organisation Here for Humanity have set up a new food hub to serve the people of Fulwood.

Based at their site on Eldon Street and part of their food club, the new hub will run on Tuesdays between 1pm-2:30pm for people in Fulwood and the surrounding areas, and has brought with it some new volunteers to help staffing.

The food club is a membership-based pantry with a weekly fee of £5, and it is designed to support communities while also reducing food waste and recycling perfectly edible food

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Preston's Here for Humanity have launched a new food hub to serve the people of Fulwood.

Currently, the group already have a food hub for Tanterton and Ingol on a Thursday, and for Plungington and Ashton on Fridays, both between 1pm-2:30 pm, as well as a Food Surplus Market on Fridays at 1:30pm for only £2.

For the three hubs, priority is given to people living in the named area although leftover available spaces are open to others.

Each hub gets its food supplies from Fareshare, and as they are all recognised independently, that allows the new Fulwood hub to get its own share of food.

Explaining their expansion, Chris Murray, the founder of Here for Humanity said: “With the cost of everything shooting through the roof we thought it was vital to be able to support more people. No hub can be attended by someone twice so it ensure the biggest impact.

The founder of Here for Humanity, Chris Murray, says they wanted to expand their food hub as more and more people are struggling.

“We have taken more volunteers on board as this a big move, it increases our productivity by 33%!”

The new Fulwood food club is expected to redistribute an extra 1,200 bags of food into the community each month, meaning that across the three hubs, 3,600 bags of food are redistributed around Preston.

Members receive fresh meats, fruit and vegetables, which have been collected by Here for Humanity an hour before any hub runs from their Fareshare supplier, paid for using the membership fees.

Any left over membership fees are spent on future projects or used to fill any shortfalls from future Fareshare collections, ensuring some level of consistency.

The Fulwood hub will be ran by current and new volunteers.

Members are asked to please pay their fees “promptly” to ensure Here for Humanity can continue to run all of their services smoothly, and to contact them before 11 am on collection days if you are unable to collect your allocated share.

Here for Humanity’s food club is separate to their food bank, which is free and consists of dried ambient goods that can be stored onsite long-term.

The food bank is available to anyone 7 days a week by contacting Preston Council through the Help In Preston website or by emailing [email protected] to obtain a referral email.

A referral for either the food club or food bank can be made by filling in a referral form, although for food bank a follow up email from a recognised office will be required.

In total the Fulwood hub is expected to distribute 1200 food bags each month.

To get in contact with Here for Humanity phone them on 01772 827 728 or email [email protected]