Preston's Here for Humanity launch female wellbeing support group

Ruby's Join is for all women over 18.

By Aimee Seddon
Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 4:43 pm

A peer-led female only wellbeing group, organised by Preston charity Here for Humanity, is starting today, offering a safe place to speak to like-minded women, make friends and get some advice.

Ruby Abraham, the director of Here for Humanity is heading the female team, and the group, called Ruby's Join, is for women over 18 only, with no men in attendance.

Ruby, from Fulwood, said: "Following on from Chris's Join, when we realised the need for a space for men, we thought why not have one for the ladies too because a lot of the ladies have been through lockdown and been isolated, not being able to see their friends, and it's just a good way to get the community back together after lockdown, and have a chat and make new friends.

A female support group is starting today, led by Ruby Abraham (right).

"Come along for a cup of tea, and a biscuit and a chat. We're a really friendly bunch, and people will enjoy it. It's a friendship group, for instance maybe you're a mother who's just moved to the area and don't know anybody, so it's a way to make friends, and get out and do something different. We can also signpost as well, so offer advice on housing, or benefits, or anything like that."

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Ruby's Join, which is free to attend, will meet every Wednesday 12:30pm-2:30pm in the Carson Adams Community Suite at the Preston Here For Humanity HQ.

Chris Murray, the founder of Here for Humanity, said: "In a time of men's mental health being at the forefront of most community conversations at the minute it's easy to forget how our females are going through the same stress, anxieties or just isolation from being a parent/wife or being alone, so in the same room that Chris's Join runs from on a Sunday... our female team are going to bring you a safe place, a brew & maybe even a bikkie, but more importantly a friendly face."

Ruby is one of the director's at Here for Humanity.

To find out more about Here for Humanity, visit their Facebook page.