Preston Queen Bee Dani Wallace shares advice on overcoming self sabotage to "fly anyway"

Prestonian Dani Wallace pictured with her new bookPrestonian Dani Wallace pictured with her new book
Prestonian Dani Wallace pictured with her new book
Dani Wallace tells her inspiring story of empowerment

An inspirational Preston public speaking coach and singer is starting the new year with a bold message and a new book.

Dani Wallace, a self styled “Queen Bee” has a message she wants to share.

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It comes in a readable new paperback entitled ‘I am the Queen Bee’. Its subtitle ‘How I overcame self-sabotage to #FLYANYWAY & how you can too’ hints at the powerful story she goes on to share in its 205 eminently readable pages.

Dani Wallace  public speakingDani Wallace  public speaking
Dani Wallace public speaking

Dani, who grew up on a Preston estate, recounts in this advice filled autobiography how she overcame adversities in her youth, coped with single parenthood, domestic abuse, job loss and homelessness before finding and creating a new path in life, helping others and helping herself too.

Looking around she said she realised her story had a thread common to many other women who are embroiled in cycles of self sabotage and set up her own Queen Bee movement.

The 36 year old mum of three said: “I’m a speaker and speaker coach by trade these days and I have written this book like a series of talks. Short topics, stories and learnings that, when you squish ‘em all together, form a veritable arsenal of awesome.”

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Dani whose writing is straight to the point says her ambition is to help women across the world “show up, wise up and rise up”.

Dani Wallac, founder of the I am the Queen Bee movementDani Wallac, founder of the I am the Queen Bee movement
Dani Wallac, founder of the I am the Queen Bee movement

She wants to empower others to believe in themselves and make their own success. The former senior leadership trainer acknowledged that for too many years she taught leadership but did not take her own advice.

Dani survived abusive relationships and her own wellbeing struggles and has shared much of her story with regular online streamed appearances

She even used to stream on Facebook Live while putting on her make-up prior to her singing gigs. Just over a year ago Dani launched her ‘I am The Queen Bee Movement’ and her successful business has grown during the pandemic - due, in part, to her being able to carry on working online. She now runs a global online community, has a YouTube Channel and mentors women delivering her message that “We can #FlyAnyway”.

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The inspiration for Dani's movement and its work came after watching Bee Movie with her children and noting its message that: “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It’s wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground... bees don’t care what humans think is impossible”.

She also recently launched The Fly Anyway Foundation to help other survivors of domestic abuse access business mentoring and service providers to help them build sustainable businesses.

She counsels her readers that “Lack of confidence is fear” and says they must get to know themselves all over again.

One revelation which she says powered her forward was: “I didn’t need to be liked by everyone to be a success", nor did she have to strive for the impossible, noting: “Perfection is a lie. It can get right in the bin.”

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She recounts how she has sought the advice of mentors and valued their advice but emphasises : “You can choose the wisdom to receive.”

Now happily married and ready to move house the mother of three has both stayed close to her Preston roots and soared beyond them.

* More details can be found at the website Profit from merchandise sold in the go to the Foundation.

* I Am The Queen Bee has a recommended retail price of £11.99 and is also available as an e-book.

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