Preston musician pays tribute to Tyson Fury in newest release

A Preston producer and rapper has released his newest single in lockdown as a tribute to world champion boxer Tyson Fury.
Liam, known as BLKY, released his new song on September 11Liam, known as BLKY, released his new song on September 11
Liam, known as BLKY, released his new song on September 11

Liam Blake, otherwise known as BLKY, released 'The Kings Anthem' on September 11, as a tribute to Morecambe champion Tyson Fury and his troubled past.

The rapper and charity worker, from Preston, watched the world-famous boxer go from his well documented overweight and drug dependent past to becoming two-time heavyweight world champion and said he felt 'inspired' by his story.

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He said: "This track is a ferociously high energy rap song with an almost superhero theme and orchestral accompaniment that I created myself during lockdown.

"Over the last few years, I have watched as Tyson, against all odds, dragged himself up in face of adversity. Going from overweight, drug dependant and unable to compete due to his mental illness."

The narrative of the song touches on Fury's 'resilience and heart' that inspiring the single, and rapper Liam hopes to uplift and inspire listeners through his music.

"As someone with my own mental health issues, I felt a deep connection with his journey. I knew that it was time to create something as a tribute to the gypsy king himself. That's how this track was born. Every king needs an anthem," he said.

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His other releases include 'No Approval Needed', 'End of the Beginning' and 'Why'.

As well as producing his own releases, Liam works as a studio manager and community worker at Soundskills, a community centre in Brookfield that includes a music studio, utility activity room, photography studio and a newly refurbished ‘back yard’ outdoor space

Released independently, Liam hopes the new single will be a success, promoting it on his social media platforms. It is available from HERE.