Pikachu entertaining Preston children

Children fed up in isolation have been given some light relief by the arrival of Pikachu.

The Pokemon character arrived unexpectedly at Plungington and could well be seen in local parks in the coming days.

The 52-year-old man in the inflatable costume says he'd like to remain anonymous to preserve the mystery.

He explained: "The kids in the area seem to like it, it gives them a bit of fun.

Pikachu entertaining children

"I enjoy doing it. I've not been able to see my grandkids during lockdown."

The amateur entertainer simply bought his inflatable outfit online and set off to entertain. He is confident that, being inside a sealed costume, he can stand next to people without worrying about social distancing.

'Pikachu' explained: "People can stand next to me, my breath does not escape. I'm heading to the hospital to join the clap and to Moor Park so people can have their pictures taken with me."

Pikachu arrives in Plunington
'Pikachu' greets fans
Residents take a picture of the new arrival
Pikachu says hello!