"Outrageous, stupid, bonkers": Readers have their say on strict driving test cleanliness rules

You were left outraged by news that a Preston teenager had been unable to take her driving test… due to pencil rubber filings found in the car.

Several reports have been made that examiners at Blackpool Test Centre are refusing to get in vehicles, saying they are too dirty.

And the issue is clearly widespread with some comments sent to us on our Facebook page indicating that many are not even able to turn the key in the ignition due to cars not meeting new Covid-busting standards set by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency).

When contacted, the DVSA would not comment on our case but said: "DVSA’s priority is to protect our customers and staff and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Paul Turner's daughter had her driving test cancelled because of tiny specks of pencil eraser in the car

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Preston learner driver left distraught by Blackpool Test Centre's "absolutely bo...

“Driving tests will not go ahead if this has not been followed to ensure public safety.”

Here’s what you had to say on the matter:

"Exactly the same thing happened to me, in Blackpool, because there was a small piece of gravel in the footwell! All I needed to do was shake the mat but he wouldn’t let me! Told me my car was far too dirty! I made a complaint! It’s a massive joke! Like the test isn’t already anxiety inducing enough… without this joke as well! I wouldn’t mind but the EXACT same vehicle has been used when I failed my test two weeks before (I was lucky catching the cancellations for a retest) so how it passed perfectly fine for one instructor but not the other I don’t know!" Sam 'Storme' Spence, Facebook

"Thought they were there to test your driving not anything else if you had bottles or cans that could roll under pedals fair enough," Dennis Hines, Facebook

“This country has finally gone mad,” John Hoole, Facebook

“Must admit, this seems a bit OTT, the reasons I'm reading in comments, for tests being halted, made me raise my eyebrows. As a former Driving Instructor, I always ensured the vehicle was clean and presentable. However, two hairs , or eraser bits in well area seems extreme reasons to not go ahead with the test. DSA need to review this unreasonable practice, which is costing candidates substantial loss, and driving instructors a bad reputation. Agree that extra rules and requirements need following with the regards to Covid sanitizing rules, but let's be realistic please,” Alan Hudson, Facebook

“How stupid! What do rubber filings have to do with how well u can drive?” Caroline Scott-Bailey, Facebook

“This happened to my friend! His car was spotless bar a little mud from...using a car! He was gutted,” Hannah Taylor, Facebook

“You literally couldn’t make it up ! Totally bonkers !!!” Liz Williams, Facebook

“My mate passed even though she did 30 in a 20, her driving instructor noticed but the examiner didn’t. Rubber filings? That’s some serious major points,” Steph Mason, Facebook

“Outrageous how does that affect the ability to drive, especially at the cost and wait for the tests. poor girl,” Jocelyn Seeley, Facebook

“This has happened twice to my sister now. Today was the second time. On arrival, she was told there was dust on the gear stick and refused to test,” Naomi Thomas, Facebook

“This is beyond belief. Even a full valet the day before would not prevent a speck of dust or mud from a shoe 24 hours later,” Stuart Magrath, Facebook

“It's not April 1st is it?” Paul Holt, Facebook

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