Window dresser for CancerHelp Preston lays down her paint brush after 24 years

Jean Thorton, 87, who has tended to the window displays at CancerHelp Longridge shop in Berry Lane since it opened in 1997 has retired her decorative services.

By Emma Downey
Wednesday, 5th January 2022, 12:30 pm

A spokesperson for CancerHelp Preston said: "The shop window has always drawn admiring comments and compliments from customers.

"Jean’s Christmas, Easter, Remembrance Day and Halloween windows were particularly looked forward to. Jean's skill at adapting to the changing seasons also made sure that the window reflected the stock on sale and drew in customers eager to see what else was on offer.

After years of providing stylish and sympathetic window displays, Jean will now further her skills by becoming a volunteer two mornings a week.

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Mrs Jean Thornton.

The shop's manager, Avril Scott, said she was pleased that Jean was still staying on.

"Jean’s many years of experience make her invaluable to the shop, and after so much time she is synonymous with CancerHelp in the community".

"CancerHelp is extremely grateful to Jean and to all our volunteers for the amazing job they do supporting the charity throughout the year. Thank you Jean - enjoy your extra free time."