Next stop Chorley for Turner twins embarking on 10,000 mile journey to Shanghai in an electric car

Chorley is the next stop for twin brother adventurers embarking on an epic 10,000 mile electric car EV road trip to Shanghai.

The Devon-born brothers, whose expeditions include rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and traversing Greenland’s Ice Cap, will undertake the mammoth range anxiety-inducing road trip in MG’s newly unveiled all electric Cyberster a sports car with a 0-60 of 2.8 seconds. They set of earlier this month on their unique seven-month journey to Shanghai, and will stop off in Chorley tomorrow (Thursday), before moving on to Stockport and Liverpool. The duo, who have rowed the Atlantic, climbed Europe's highest peak in Ernest Shackleton-era kit, and cycled thousands of kilometers to the center point of South America, always take tampons and super glue with them on expeditions to help with things such as cuts and bleeds.

Take a look at some of their adventure in pictures so far.

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