New memorial benches to be placed on Preston Docks will overlook docklands basin, marina and River Ribble

Memorial benches, dedicated to lost loved ones, are to be placed around Preston's scenic docklands estate.

By Brian Ellis
Tuesday, 14th June 2022, 3:45 pm

Bereaved relatives could soon have an opportunity to pay a lasting tribute to their dear departed overlooking the tranquil waters of the dock basin, marina and River Ribble.

The city council, which already provides benches with inscribed brass plaques at its parks, cemetery and crematorium, wants to extend the offer to seats around its once-thriving freight port and along a stretch of the river.

The scheme will be debated by the Town Hall cabinet next week and, if passed, could be rolled out within weeks.

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Memorial benches may soon be available around Preston Docks.

"Memorials come in all different shapes and sizes and are an important part of every culture," says a report to the cabinet. "They allow people to remember a deceased loved one or an important public figure.

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"Memories of a person are precious and it is through memorials that friends and family of loved ones can show the impact and importance of a person in their lives.

"Important too is the location of a memorial; as over time it will become a place that can be visited and where significant dates and anniversaries can be remembered.

A place to find solace to remember loved ones.

"Memorial benches are often located in quiet scenic areas where people can sit and reflect.

"The Riversway estate, at the former Preston Docklands, is steeped in history and is enjoyed today by many thousands of visitors each year who walk the paths around the dock basins or along the river.

"Walking and sitting by water are therapeutic activities and the Riversway estate provides an ideal opportunity for those wishing to remember loved ones to do so through the provision of a memorial bench."

The council plans to replace existing benches around the dock and also introduce new locations with higher quality seats. The benches will be made from 90 per cent recycled material, hand-crafted to resemble natural timber.

Preston's Docklands could soon be the place to sit quietly and remembered lost loved ones.

The city's cabinet will be asked to decide on a lease arrangement which will give the public a 10-year period to remember their loved one with a specially inscribed plaque.

The current prices for a similar bench in the cemetery and crematorium is £927, with any additional plaque costing £209.