'My daughter is lucky to be alive' says mum of teenager hit by car on New Hall Lane

The mum of a 16-year-old who was left bruised all over her body after being hit by a car on New Hall Lane is now calling on increased precautions to stop dangerous driving in the area.

Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 3:43 pm

Michelle Garnett was called by her daughter Courtney last Saturday after she was hit by a car and left unconscious in the road at around 8 pm.

Now, the mum-of-three claims she will fear for the safety of all her children when they leave the house and said her daughter is 'lucky to be alive' after the incident that left her covered in bruises.

When walking back home, Courtney Garnett, 16, says that she used the crossing opposite Ribbleton Park to cross the road and believed that the vehicle was far away enough to give her time to get across safely.

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Courtney hit her head on the floor after being hit by the car

She claims she was then hit by the car travelling 'faster than the limit' which thrust her on to the bonnet before she rolled back on to the road and lost consciousness.

Mum Michelle said: "She had started walking and had used the crossing because I always taught my children how to cross roads safely. The car had been coming towards her at quite a speed and she clearly misjudged how fast it was going.

"The car hit her and knocked her straight on to the bonnet before she bounced on to the floor, scraped all the left side of her body along the tarmac and passed out.

"My daughter had to drag herself to the side of the road and then called me. My head was so confused and I just wanted to make sure my daughter was okay so I only managed to get the license plate of the car.

The incident happened at the crossing on New Hall Lane

"I drove my daughter to the hospital myself because I wanted to get here there as quickly as I could."

And now, mum Michelle is calling on more deterrents to be added to the popular 30 mph A-road that she calls 'dangerous'.

She also fears that not enough is being done to investigate the matter by police, claiming there will now be 'no way to tell if the driver was under the influence'.

Courtney underwent x-rays in hospital after the incident

She added: "We are so lucky that this is nothing serious and she can walk away from this. At the hospital, my daughter was checked for a concussion and x-rays were taken on her ankles and her hands. Luckily there are no broken bones.

"There is nothing on that road to deter anybody from careless driving and there needs to be. It is so dangerous and full of people driving like that or speeding.

"I have taught my children to use the crossings, so if they aren't even safe using them, then where will they be safe?

"I am now even more worried and cautious about letting my children out. I have two younger children aged 14 and 12 and am so worried for their safety going forward. Something needs to be done to stop drivers from acting like this.

And the teenager has bruised down her left side but luckily did not break any bones

"I even feel that when something does happen, it isn't taken seriously. There is little proof and seems to be no repercussions or serious investigations to what has happened."

The two speeding cameras on New Hall Lane are just beside the Travelodge and opposite the Shell garage, meaning there are no ways to detect speeding down the main middle stretch of the road.

Lancashire Police have confirmed they have seen an increase in people 'driving at excessive speeds' along New Hall Lane and are investigating the incident.

A spokesperson said: "We were called around 8.25pm on Saturday (April 3) to a report of a collision in New Hall Lane, Preston. A 16-year-old girl had been involved in a collision with a car. She was taken to Royal Preston Hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

"Road safety in Lancashire is always a priority for us as speeding can have devastating consequences.

"Sadly, we have seen an increase in some people driving at excessive speeds potentially putting themselves and others at risk. No matter how quiet the roads are the speed limit still applies.

Michelle and daughter Courtney

"An investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information can contact police on 101 quoting log 1892 of April 3."