Mum reveals traumatic incident after foot breaks through Central Pier in Blackpool

A mum has revealed how she was left embarrassed and traumatised after her leg fell through a wooden plank on Central Pier in Blackpool.

Thursday, 28th October 2021, 7:05 am

Cherelle Buckley, 26, from Newton-Le-Willows, was in the resort for the weekend but things took a bad turn on Sunday when her leg plunged through the wood.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it at all. I was just in shock that it had actually happened but then it was the reaction as well.

“One woman apologised initially but then a worker tried to saw away part of the wood to free me even though the fire service had been called. He got quite rude about it as well.”

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The gap in which Cherelle fell through on Central Pier

Cherelle said the situation was made worse because her seven-year-old daughter saw the whole incident.

She said: “A lot of people were walking past and looking at me stuck in the pier so it was really embarrassing. I think it was even more traumatic for my daughter to see everything happen and she was really upset.”

Passers-by also came to the rescue after Cherelle’s daughter sounded the alarm.

Cherelle added: “It was thanks to others that the ambulance and fire service came out. It is really unsafe for this to happen.

Central Pier

“It is half-term this week and children will be up and down the pier so it could be even worse if someone small falls through the gap.

“What was also scary is that when I was freed by the firefighters, the pier staff just put another piece of wood over the hole. They just covered it up without investigating it by the looks of it.

“My leg is still in pain and my anxiety is through the roof and I’m still a little shaken but I’m going to listen to the doctor and rest as much as


A spokesman for Blackpool Council said the authority had been informed about the accident.

He said: “We have received a report of an incident from a member of the public and our health and safety enforcement team will be looking into the matter.”

The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed a crew from South Shore station was called out at 1.32pm to a report that someone had got their leg trapped in wooden decking.

A spokesman added: “The crew used small tools, such as a saw, to release the casualty and were at the scene for five to 10 minutes.”

The North West Ambulance Service also confirmed paramedics were called out to an incident involving someone trapped at the pier.

A spokesman added: “A rapid response vehicle was sent out at 1.16pm and paramedics assessed the woman at the scene but they did not require taking to the


The Blackpool Pier Company, which owns the resort’s three piers, was approached for comment.