Morecambe pub offers free lifts home to customers unable to get a taxi

A pub in Morecambe has promised to get its customers home safely after hearing about their struggles due to taxi driver shortages.

By Gayle Rouncivell
Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 9:51 am
The Royal in Morecambe. Photo: Google Street View
The Royal in Morecambe. Photo: Google Street View

As we reported last week, there is a severe shortage of taxi drivers across the district which has led to numerous people being unable to get a lift home after a night out.

But at The Royal in Morecambe they have come up with a solution - a minibus to escort their customers to their front doors.

Bosses at the venue in Marine Road Central have a 16-seater minibus available to ferry their customers home on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

They say they have come up with the idea after hearing how many of their regulars don't feel safe having to walk home after a night out.

They posted on Facebook: "Sick of not being able to get home at the weekend?

"Well we have the solution, we are offering A FREE BUS HOME SERVICE to our customers.

"This will run EVERY FRI, SAT & SUN.

"To be able to get this you must: Be in the pub on Friday & Saturday before 9.00pm (lifts will be provided to your door from 23.30), Sunday in the pub from 5.30pm (lifts will be provided home from 21.00).

"When in the pub will receive wristband which you will need to get bus home.

"The driver will be at the back of pub ready to take you home when you need, we have a 16 seater minibus so plenty of room for people to get people home.

"We are doing this as a gesture of goodwill to our loyal customers as we have had a lot of feedback of people who cannot get home and are walking, we don't feel that is right or safe so we hope this helps.

"Please share the post and let as many people know as possible, if they want a drink at the weekend but are worried about getting home we have a solution for you."