Mawdesley dairy farm mascot Daisy the cow is beheaded by thieves!

The owners of a Lancashire dairy farm say they can't understand what moo-tivated cruel thieves to behead one of their beloved cows.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 3:45 pm
A picture of Daisy before her head was taken

Family-run Rowlands Dairy in Mawdesley are udderly mystified why some someone would want to carry out such a cow-ardly attack on a poor defenceless animal

But calm down.

Before your outrage reaches boiling point - it wasn't a real live cow.

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A headless Daisy

It was one the dairy made for the village's annual scarecrow festival which was targeted.

Daisy, as she was christened, was made out of materials that included silage bales, papier mache and pipe cleaners.

After the festival had ended, the dairy decided to keep her at the entrance to the premises on Bentley Lane and she became a firm favourite with villagers, passers-by and customers.

But now she's headless after callous raiders simply 'churned' up and whisked her bonce away.

And although she wasn't real, she was still cherished and much-loved..

Steph Turner, 49, a member of the dairy family, explained: "Two years ago we had a scarecrow competition in Mawdesley village and that was our entry.

"We had our cow with trailer and farm next to it and we decided to keep the cow there.

"People have been coming to see it, we've got lots of milk customers - it's been very cute and beautiful with long eyelashes."

Daisy's head, which was made from papier mache, was attached to her body, which was made from a silage bale, by a rope..

"The main body was a silage bale with pained white marks on it," described Steph.

"The cow's head was papier mache with huge eyes and ears and little wire pipe cleaner eyelashes, so she looked very beautiful.

"We're upset. She was our little mascot."

Steph added that the theft was discovered by her brother Chris on Monday morning.

Daisy was last seen intact on Saturday afternoon.said Steph, who explained that nothing was noticed on Sunday which was a comparatively quiet time as the business enjoyed a day of rest.

A group of cyclists had been seen sitting on Daisy taking pictures.

"They were middle-aged peopl in lycra, so i don;t think it was them," said Steph.

"It was probably someone bore out of their brains. Just pranksters.

"The head was massive, nearly as big as the body. It would have filled at least more than one seat of a car."

The theft has not been reported to police and there's no reward on offer.

But Steph joked that anyone with information leading to the recovery of Daisy's head would get a free tour of the dairy!

Meanwhile, after news of the theft was posted on social media, the Croston News Facebook page replied with this little ditty:

Daisy Daisy, where has your head gone to?

We’re half crazy, of this abuse to you,

We don’t think it’s a gangster,

Just a bit of a prankster,

So do what’s reet, return her ‘neep,

And help her regain her moo!