Lucky number for birthday girl Alisha is 11

Happy birthday to Alisha Eyre-Hoyle, who turns 11 today – the 11th day of the 11th month - which of course is  also Armistice Day.

By Tony Durkin
Wednesday, 11th November 2020, 7:00 am

But her association with the number 11 doesn’t end there.

Alisha was born at 11 minutes past 11pm – and if only the set had been complete by her being born in 2011, you might say.

But as her mum Vikki Eyre is quick to point out, add the two and the nine together from her 2009 birth year and there you go again - 11.

Alisha celebrates her big day. Picture: Neil Cross.

To add even further to the link to the number, her dad John Hoyle lives at No 11 – and he and Vikki were thrilled at the prospect of the big date on the calendar which made turning 11 such a landmark for Alisha.

“It’s a stunning set of coincidences, which have made turning 11 so special for Alisha,” said John.

The Year 6 pupil at Strike Lane Primary School, Freckleton, who has a five-year-old brother Freddie, will be celebrating at home in the village – with 11 sparkling candles on her cake.

But Vikki revealed that if her pregnancy with Alisha had gone to schedule, the dates coincidence might never have happened.

“She arrived 10 days early – if it had been 11 that would have been another to add to the coincidences,” said Vikki.

“We were marvelling at the fact that her arriving early meant she shared her birthday with her cousin Chloe, who was seven at the time and turned 18 this week, when we realised that her birth had been at 11 minutes past 11pm meant the coincidences of the numbers kicked in.

“We’ve been looking forward to Alicia turning 11 on the 11 day of the 11th month ever since.

“It’s a shame it’s during a lockdown but it doesn’t spoil things at all.

“We went out for a meal for her birthday last year which of course isn’t possible but we have a lovely time planned at home after school to make sure this very special day in a very year one Alisha will never forget.”