Leyland Yorkshire terrier with lifesaving CPR skills up for another award

A Leyland dog, that saved his owner’s life by jumping on his chest after he had suffered a heart attack, has reached the final 10 selection stage in the Amplifon Awards for Brave Britons 2022.

By Emma Downey
Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 12:32 pm

Five-year-old Yorkshire terrier cross Chewie has reached the Charity Champion category after receiving around 50 nominations from the public.

Rescued and adopted by Loretta and Ray Whiteley after he had been found in a shallow grave wrapped in a plastic bag with his mouth and paws taped, Chewie, named after the iconic Star Wars character, was given a second chance at life after being found abandoned in a garden in Surrey as a young puppy.

Loretta saw a photo of the pup on the Veterinary Assist Group Facebook page, fell in love with him and brought him up north to start a new life in Leyland.

Ray Whiteley, from Leyland, who lives with MS, with his family’s rescue dog Chewie who saved his life after performing CPR on him. Chewie has now been nominated for this bravery at the Amplifon Awards 2022

Chewie returned the favour in 2018 when Ray who suffers multiple sclerosis, suffered a cardiac arrest at home and Chewie jumped on his chest and gave an impromptu CPR.

How did Chewie save Ray?

Loretta who was in the garden at the time when she heard Chewie barking frantically. She went inside to find partner Ray slumped in his chair in respiratory arrest, with Chewie jumping on his chest with all his might.

By the time Loretta got Ray out of his chair, he was in cardiac arrest. Loretta carried out CPR until the paramedics arrived.

Loretta and angel with fur Chewie

Explaining how she taught Chewie CPR, Loretta, 57, said: "We added this into other sit and stay commands and had him practice on our other dog Messi."

Since then Chewie and Loretta have raised over £5,000 for animal charities and he was nominated as a finalist for The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2022 alongside winning a rosette at Crufts.

What did Loretta say about the nomination?

A shocked Loretta, who was informed of the nomination by the Post, said: "I knew nothing about this award.

Another day brings another award nomination for Chewie

"We nearly lost Ray at the beginning of June as his MS is moving along and has taken a turn for the worse, and we are possibly at the end stage so when I informed him that Chewie has been nominated for another award it made his day.

"He grabbed Chewie and started crying."

Loretta added: "Ray is bed bound and Chewie is always by his side keeping him company and looking out for him. He never leaves him.

"I am so grateful that somebody took the time to acknowledge what Chewie did and continues to do for Ray and I am also grateful to Chewie for giving Ray a purpose."

She added that she will be throwing Chewie the biggest pooch party later this year.

What are the Amplifon Awards?

The Amplifon Awards For Brave Britons 2022 celebrate the achievements of exceptional people of all ages throughout the UK.

Four finalists will be selected in each category and the winner will be announced at the awards ceremony, now on its seventh year, on Tuesday, October 11.

Falklands War hero Simon Weston chairs the judging panel and BBC TV and radio presenter Rachel Burden will present the awards.