Leyland schoolgirl placed in isolation after having eyebrows tinted - so mum removes her from school in protest

A Leyland schoolgirl has been excluded from school activities - after she had her eyebrows tinted.

Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 9:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 10:47 pm
Aimee's eyebrows
Aimee's eyebrows

Aimee Hale, 14, from Moss Side, was placed into isolation at Worden Academy on Monday (July 1) after her new look was deemed “inappropriate” by school bosses.

Mum Kerry, 44, said she was “fuming” after learning of her daughter’s punishment.

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These are the Worden Academy appearance rules for students

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Aimee and mum Kerry before the eyebrow tints

She has since taken Aimee out of school in protest at the “ridiculous decision”.

She said: “She’s such a quiet, shy girl and she’s never been in any trouble at school before.

“She’s absolutely devastated at what’s happened. I could understand it if she had died her eyebrows pink or something, but they are just a little bit darker than usual.”

Kerry said her daughter began having the beauty treatment three years ago, after she was bullied at school.

“Aimee’s natural eyebrows are a pure white and she is very self-conscious about them”, said Kerry.

“The eyebrow tinting has given her a real confidence boost and it has really helped with her self-esteem.

“She’s been bullied before for her appearance and this isn’t going to help. I’m afraid that it’s really going to knock her confidence.

“To be fair, when she came home from the salon after her treatment, I did think they were a bit darker than usual.

“But there are other girls walking around the school with slugs for eyebrows. I just can’t understand the school’s logic?”

After learning about her daughter’s punishment, an outraged Kerry pulled her daughter out of school.

She said that her daughter will not be returning until the punishment is lifted.

She said: “Detention would have been more than sufficient, but isolation?

“I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing when she came home in tears and told me everything that had happened.

“I would never dream of sending Aimee to school dressed inappropriately. But the school uniform policy says nothing about eyebrows.”

Kerry said she visited the school last week after demanding a meeting with Worden Academy headteacher Chris Catherall.

“We had a meeting Wednesday morning with the headteacher and deputy head,” Kerry added.

“Aimee was crying and very distressed, but I told her she would not be in any trouble as she had done nothing wrong.

“But they stood by their decision and just said it was school policy. When I pointed out that there is nothing in the policy about beauty treatments, his response was, ‘Well we can’t put everything in the policy’.

“I just think the way the school has reacted is unbelievable. I appreciate that there has to be a dress code, but this is going too far. They’ve gone power mad!”

Worden Academy has a dress code policy which it says must be adhered to at all times. But Kerry said she consulted the guide and could not find any specific advice regarding eyebrows.

The guidebook states that “facial hair must be neat and look smart at all times” and “no colourings to hair should be worn”.

It further emphasises that only “the pupil’s natural hair colour” is permitted, and “no make-up, false lashes/nails, false tan or temporary or permanent body art is permitted”.

According to Kerry, the school told her that Aimee will only be welcomed back into the classroom once her eyebrows are restored to their ‘natural state’.

Kerry, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, said she cannot afford to pay a further £25 for the necessary treatment.

She said she is also worried about being fined for keeping Aimee home from school.

“We are dependent on my disability benefits to make ends meet, so I can’t just splash out more money to restore her eyebrows to their natural colour.

“I’m also stressed at the fact that I will probably get fined because she’s not in school.

“All this stress and worry because of a pair of eyebrows. What are they thinking?”

Kerry insists that Aimee will not be returning to Worden Academy until the school reverses its decision.

She said she has submitted a letter of objection to the school’s board of governors and is awaiting their response.

What the school says

Chris Catherall, headteacher at Worden Academy, said: “At Worden we try our best to treat all our students as fairly as possible and we understand that our students often feel that they want to follow fashion trends.

“Aimee is a very likeable student and it is to her and her mum’s credit that following discussions the eyebrows did appear lighter.

“We are always grateful for the support that we get from home and try our best to discuss in a mutually beneficial way any disagreements we may have.

“It is our fervent hope that by working together, parents, staff and students we are able maintain our common focus.”