Lancaster residents to hold rally as part of April 2 nationwide cost of living crisis protests

Campaigners in Lancaster are preparing for nationwide protests on Saturday April 2, to coincide with the governments OFGEM 54% energy cap rise set for next month.

By Michelle Blade
Wednesday, 23rd March 2022, 12:30 pm

The local cost of living campaigners have announced they will gather at 1pm in Lancaster’s Market Square.

“Home energy bills in the Lancaster area are expected to rise on average by around £70 per month after the price cap is raised” said Mary, a local campaign volunteer, adding that: “at least one in four adults in the UK will be unable to afford their energy bills after the increase. This is terrible and we demand that the government reverse this OFGEM price cap rise and make the big energy corporations bear the cost instead”.

Campaigners say that recent announcement of energy company profits have just made them more determined to step up their protests.

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A previous protest in Lancaster against energy bill rises and cost of living crisis.

“Shell energy announced it made £14.2 billion in profit last year alone, a massive increase of 297% on the previous year” said John, a local trades union campaigner. “Everything is going up but workers pay” he added.

The April 2 cost of living protests will also be held in many other towns.

John said: “We are pleased our protest movement is spreading. This time there will also be protests in Preston and others are being called around Lancashire and the rest of the UK for this day. If enough of us join in, then we can step up the pressure for change."

He said that local campaigners also plan to step up demands for more action to insulate homes and better government help with other home energy saving measures.

A protest against the rise in energy bills and the cost of living at Market Square, Lancaster.