Lancashire's NHS staff unveil plaques during Organ Donation Week

Members of the organ donation teamMembers of the organ donation team
Members of the organ donation team
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is promoting the nationally celebrated Organ Donation Week this week - with two plaques unveiled in honour of two individuals and their families who have transformed the lives of others through organ and tissue donation.

One plaque was unveiled in honour of Jordan Grant, a teenager who had signed up to donate his organs and tissues before his unexpected death in February 2012 at just 17 years old.Lisa Grant, from Preston, described how the heartbreak of losing her son, Jordan, had changed her life forever, but how she and her family took comfort in knowing that Jordan’s forethought to donate his organs and tissues helped to save the lives of others.Lisa now works as a voice project specialist in IT at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and campaigns to promote the importance of discussing organ donation and end-of-life wishes with loved ones.Lisa said: “I urge everyone to please have those conversations with your family and friends round the dinner table. We lost a beautiful young man, but the positives it has brought to my family knowing what he’s done for other families, words can’t express it.”A plaque was also unveiled for Pippa Astbury, who became an organ donor last year. Keith, Pippa’s dad said: “Supporting Pippa’s decision to donate her organs and help others has brought me great comfort. She will be so missed but her legacy will live on through her son John Aaron and the recipients of her organs and tissues. She was able to help three people through her donation.”You can find out more information about organ donation and register to be an organ donor at