La Loconda the delicious eatery that felt like stepping into a warm Italian home with fresh food and the friendliest faces

La Loconda, the delectable dining establishment that exudes the cozy ambiance of an inviting Italian household, serving up freshly prepared cuisine with the warmest and most welcoming smiles.
La Laconda is based at Main St, Gisburn, Clitheroe BB7 4HH.La Laconda is based at Main St, Gisburn, Clitheroe BB7 4HH.
La Laconda is based at Main St, Gisburn, Clitheroe BB7 4HH.

When I called up La Loconda at the start of the week, certain it was here I’d like to review after reading amazing things, I thought there was no chance me, my partner and our new nine week old puppy would be allowed to dine.

Much to my surprise a bubbly Italian voice echoed down the landline booking us right in for a table of three and more than happy to accomodate my new pup, Teddy.

Instantly I got a great feeling about La Loconda.

Bruschetta - Home grown tomatoes.Bruschetta - Home grown tomatoes.
Bruschetta - Home grown tomatoes.
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We pulled outside the Gisburn eatery at 7pm on Wednesday night, the cottage La Loconda sits within lit up on this dark October evening, bright lights of yellow burst through the windows inviting us into the warmth.

Carrying Teddy in my arms we stepped inside La Laconda to be instantly greeted by the lady from the phone who I soon learned to be Cinzia, the most lovely Italian woman who’s owned La Loconda with husband, Maurizio for 20 years.

As Cinzia fell in love with Teddy (as most people have) petting and cuddling him, I took in my surroundings and quickly noticed the array of awards on the shelf display.

Prawns for a 'second starter'.Prawns for a 'second starter'.
Prawns for a 'second starter'.

The eatery exuded a comforting warmth, with its rustic brick walls and the delightful aroma of savory dishes wafting through the air. The quaint cottage made us feel as though we had stepped into the Italian home of Cinzia and Maurizio, and the warm, gracious welcome we received only enhanced this sensation.

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Taken to our seat, Cinzia had laid out a water bowl for Teddy in advance, only another sign of an opened arms welcome despite my initial worries.

Me and my partner eat out at Italian restaurants plenty, but La Loconda was just simply a cut above the rest. The menu set out, priced reasonably too I must add, provided a selection of diverse dishes with fresh ingredients listed left us struggling to decide.

I chose the Bruchetta to begin with expecting a small, side plate portion and also prawns. However when the bruschetta arrived it was clear to be a starter in itself, tomatoes freshly grown at La Loconda we found out later on. The bread was soaked to perfection in oil giving the perfect partner for the tomatoes base.

My main course.My main course.
My main course.

For the main course I had Tortelloni D’agnello e Tartufo con fonduta – yes I tried and failed to pronounce that when ordering. It was a delicious combination of Padiham lamb and black truffle parcelled in pasta and topped with a tasty cheese sauce. It smelt good enough to wake Teddy up from his heavy nap.

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Dessert was an Italian childhood favourite I was told, a combination of hazelnut sauce and chocolate icecream and a cookie to top. If you’re counting calories, (or supposed to be like me), this is not the meal for you but was definitely worth the HIIT class I did the day after to make up for it.

Overall La Loconda suceeded my already high expectations and we will definitely be returning, Teddy in tow, we couldn’t be more grateful to Cinzia and Maurizio for their gracious hosting and scrumptious courses.