Kitten is dumped and rescued then becomes trapped inside a wall at a flat in Morecambe

A tiny kitten has used up two of her nine lives after being dumped in a skip to die and being rescued and then becoming trapped in a cavity wall at her foster owner's flat in Morecambe the day she arrived.

Friday, 3rd July 2020, 3:06 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd July 2020, 3:10 pm
Kitten Macavity had to be rescued after becoming trapped in the cavity wall of a flat.

Macavity as she has now been called was eventually rescued unharmed from inside the cavity wall and is now thriving.

Eileen Evans from the newly formed Lancaster and Morecambe Cat Rescue told the story: "Macavity was found in a skip at the Lune Industrial estate. It was a hot day and the skip she was in was emptied into another skip full of hardware and that's how she was found by one of the cat rescue volunteer's dad's.

"The skip had come from somewhere, so we think she must have been dumped in it, as she is too tiny to climb in herself.

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Little kitten Macavity had to be rescued from the cavity wall of a house.

"The man who found her looked round just in case her mum was there but she wasn't.

"He managed to rummage through and get her out of the skip.

"A volunteer took her to Bay Vets and we asked if we could find out how she was doing.

"We said we had the space to look after her and that we would take her. She was a little bit feisty and vocal but unhurt.

Little kitten Macavity had to be rescued from the cavity wall of a house.

"The fosterer picked her up and brought her home and she made her way round the house and ended up in the bathroom.

"She found a tiny hole which she got into.

"We said we would come down and help get her out but she got scared by something and vanished into the wall.

"You could hear her in the wall miaowing quite loudly.

"She was working her way up inside the wall and got to the floor above.

"She then came down inside the wall and we knocked a little brick out but it was too solid.

"We phoned the RSPCA lady Sarah who came round to check on the kitten and she phoned the fire service.

"They came with blue lights flashing. They got a thermal imaging camera out and couldn't find her, then took out some floorboards.

"We could hear her and then she would go quiet, probably having a nap.

"In the end they just knocked a bit of a hole in the same wall. She was still going from one floor to another, going up and down.

"We left food upstairs and downstairs and she had been in and eaten some food.

"The fosterer found her sitting next to the hole and she went back in it!

"They had to set a trap for her and weighted it with a brick so with her extra weight it would set the trap off, and that is how we got her.

"She was transferred safely from the trap into a cage and that's how she was rescued.

"She is not feral, which we thought she might be. She's used two of her nine lives up already!

"The vet said she was seven weks old but she is quite small, however she is eating well and is a lovely cat.

"She has got a home lined up already so there is a happy ending to Macavity's story!"

Firefighters were called to the property in Morecambe at 4,45pm on June 24 to reports that a kitten had become trapped in one of the cavity walls of the property.

A spokesman said: "Crews assisted by creating an egress point for the cat to self rescue using a Dewalt saw and some small tools.

"They were in attendance approximately two hours."

Lancaster and Morecambe Cat Rescue currently has 10 cats available for adoption.

They do have mums with kittens but all of those have been reserved at the moment.

Two of the cats available for adoption are six-months-old.

For more information tel: 07425 327772 and leave a message on the answerphone.

Lancaster and Morecambe Cat Rescue also has a Facebook fundraising page 'Lancaster and morecambe cat rescue' where you can donate to help the cats and kittens, and also see lost cat posts and cats up for adoption.