Kirstie Allsopp says she was right to smash up her children's iPads

Kirstie AllsoppKirstie Allsopp
Kirstie Allsopp
Kirstie Allsopp has criticised the "vicious" abuse she received after revealing she smashed her children's iPads.

The Location, Location, Location presenter, 47, suspended her Twitter account after coming under fire for her parenting style.

But Allsopp said she did not regret her actions, writing in the Daily Mail that "if anything makes the case for keeping young people away from computer screens, it is the abuse I have received this week.

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Kirstie Allsopp leaves Twitter after iPad smash row

Allsopp knocked the iPads against a metal leg of a coffee table after her two sons broke her rules about screen time.

She revealed that her 10-year-old, Oscar Hercules, ended up with an arm in plaster after she took away the device because he got outside more.

She said: "The boys read more, created more, played more chess, watched more movies, and there were virtually no disagreements throughout the holidays.

"Oscar spent the summer in plaster following a dirt bike smash that happened the weekend after they lost the iPads.

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"Both boys cheekily pointed out that if they had been inside playing PUBG, Oscar's arm would have been fine!"

She told the newspaper that she wants her children to "experience risk", adding: "My boys have access to motorbikes, all sorts of knives, old swords, axes and tools."

And she said of the iPads: "I have had them mended so we can access films and photos, but they will never be returned to the boys."

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