Kelvine shares his survival story on British Heart Foundation's 60th birthday

Kelvine Tomlinson suffered his second heart attack just weeks into the Covid lockdown. Now, on the day the British Heart Foundation celebrates its 60th birthday, he is sharing his story to encourage anyone suspecting a heart attack to get treatment as soon as possible.

By Fiona Finch
Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 12:30 pm

Kelvine Tomlinson volunteered to help the British Heart Foundation by sharing his own survival story.

The supply chain exexcutive from Freckleton in the Fylde suffered his second heart attack just weeks into lockdown.

The 53 year old delayed going to hosptal for an hour, nervous of the threat of Covid and wanting to be sure it was another heart attack. He now regrets that delay fearing it could have caused more damage to his heart.

Kelvine is sharing his story to help others Photo: Kelvin Stuttard

He is urging others not to make the same mistake and get checked out as soon as possible.

Kelvine underwent emergency treatment at Blackpool’s Victoria Hospital and had a second stent fitted. His first was fitted after an earlier heart attack in 2016.

The father of three said: “I’ll be honest I was scared. It was just two or three weeks after the initial lockdown. I wanted to be sure it was a heart attaack. My wife Jill just looked and said it’s the same signs as before. I’m ringing 999.”

He continued: “I contacted the British Heart Foundation via Facebook. It was asking for people to provide their stories.”

Kelvine pictured with wife Jill who rang for the ambulance

He said the British Heart Foundation had been there to help him and had checked on his progress.

Kelvine paid particular tribute to the charity’s research work and the medical advancements made to help cardiac patients. He said: “I’m fortunate they’re here to lead the crusade and look at the causes of heart disease. There’ve been advances because of the research by the likes of the BHF."

Kelvine added: "I feel fantastic now, really good. Obviously I’ll be on medication for life.”

As for those tell tale symptoms he recalled: “It was pain in the shoulders and my left arm, which moved down to my left leg. The first time I’d had pain in my shoulders and right arm. You do get tightening in the chest and feel sick and hot, but it was mainly pain in the shoulder and arm and joints.”

"I feel fantastic now, really good." Kelvine Photo:Kelvin Stuttard

He added that if by sharing his experience it ensured one person got treatement earlier it was worth it as those minutes are vital and can be life saving.

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