‘It’s wiser for women to work’ - Your reaction to parents quitting their jobs because of childcare costs

Almost one in five parents have had to leave their jobs because of the cost of childcare, a new study suggests.
Its wiser for women to work - Parents quit jobs because of childcare costsIts wiser for women to work - Parents quit jobs because of childcare costs
Its wiser for women to work - Parents quit jobs because of childcare costs

A similar number want to work but cannot afford to because of the cost of childcare, while two out of three parents have to work fewer hours, according to research.

A survey of 1,800 parents found that most said childcare costs caused financial anxiety in the home.

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Campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed said its study showed that the cost of childcare is “exorbitant”, with women mainly bearing the brunt of the impact, adding to the gender pay gap and “motherhood penalty”.

We asked for your thoughts on our Facebook page and here is a selection of your views:

It’s so difficult to get a job within school hours! I’ve been rejected because I can’t start at 5am and they were not happy that I could work 9-17 Mon-Fri and sometimes weekends. Brandusa Rhodes

I’m working and currently at uni so get help with child care costs. Before uni i was paying out about £600 a month child care and only earned £900 (rent is £600). Luckily when my course finishes next year my kids will be older otherwise I would have been unable to work.Leigh Maria Ryan

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Large companies need to provide on site creches they did in the 70s, what happened?Marie Dixon

I had to. Hubby worked away and I’d come out with £20 at the end of the month after paying for childcare for two children so wasn’t worth working (didn’t claim any benefits). Now children are older I am working.Jennie Beck

When are the government going to help people trying to keep a work ethic ..no wonder people give up work they are better off financially.Annetee Dicketts

There is no help for anyone who tries to work no help at all.Wendy Green-Wheeler

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We have three children. A full week’s wage needed for childcare so what’s the point in working one might as well stay at home and the other work full time. If couples are happy with one working and one doing the childcare then why not.Danny Kay

Don’t have children if you can’t afford the childcare costs, it’s not like they’re hidden fee’s, we all know the cost of bringing up children.James Summer

Very true, my wife stayed home when we had children and went back to work when they were old enough. My mum did the same and no doubt so did my grandma.Bryn Rees

In the long term, it’s wiser for women themselves to stay in work if they can and weather the short term cost of childcare. Kids aren’t small forever but leaving the workforce can drastically damage a woman’s long term employability, pension contributions etc.Lucie Christoforou

Corbin and Company are offering childcare for free. But you’ll need 10 jobs to afford the hike in other things like food, clothes and heating.John Clarke

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