"Incredible this could have happened": Your reaction to the Preston subpostmistess who was wrongly jailed for defrauding the Post Office

Readers have reacted with horror after former Broughton subpostmistress Jacqueline McDonald revealed how badly her life was affected when she was incorrectly shamed and jailed in the Post Office Horizon IT scandal.

By Catherine Musgrove
Thursday, 24th March 2022, 3:45 pm

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At an enquiry in Leeds, Mrs McDonald submitted a formal statement on how the lasting impact of prison, being ordered to repay nearly £94,000, having her home searched and going bankrupt, had left her considering suicide.

She said her entire family had been affected, and wanted the enquiry to know that her first grandchild was born while she was in prison and she missed her late daughter’s last birthday.

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Former Broughton subpostmistress Jacqueline McDonald

Readers have reacted to the story with horror, with many questioning how 555 people ended up being accused of defrauding the Post Office.


Johannes Christian von Voges said: “Did no one notice a pattern? Suddenly lots of post masters were doing the exact same crime, and responding the exact same way.

"All of this should have never happened. One person at the legal team should have just paused and thought about it. Instead so many lives ruined.”

Craig Toulmin wrote: “I cannot imagine how this lady and the others in similar positions must have felt. This is a grave miscarriage of justice and I sincerely hope they are at least compensated for all their losses.

"The directors of the Post Office, then and now need to be held to account for this abuse.”

Gemma Clarke said: “I remember the family when they had it. I also watched a documentary on this and it is massive fault with the Post Office system affecting so many postmasters. Such a shame for all innocent people involved.”

Gemma Louise Hill said: “I was acquainted with the family as they were my local Post Office for a few years before I moved. This is a huge tragedy and has ruined lives. I'm glad they have had the convictions quashed but you can never get the lost time back.”

Marion Titt said: “Incredible this could have happened. Surely someone should have put their thinking cap on wondering why all of a sudden this was occurring. So sad for those who were caught up in this bizarre situation.”