Leyland resident claims it's 'only a matter of time before someone is killed' due to signage and overgrown hedges

A 'concerned resident' has said something needs to be done about poorly placed signage and overgrown trees at Reiver Road Moss Side Industrial Estate before a fatality occurs.

By Emma Downey
Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 10:43 am

In an email to the council and the developers, the 'concerned resident' claimed they had witnessed at least three near misses in the last couple of weeks.

The resident's email read: "To whom it may concern or is interested your company is currently running traffic control on Reiver Rd Moss Side Industrial Estate, Leyland. In the last couple of weeks I have seen at least three near misses one of a young family with a pram walking down this road.

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The road in question.

"This all because of you company's unprofessional way of putting out signage which all blocks the pavements forcing people to have to walk in the road. If you know this road its dangerous enough as the council have still not cut the trees and hedges back!!

"It is only a matter of time till someone is killed on this stretch of road because of this. But your company's way of working is only making this event more likely!!

"Today I witnessed another concerned person complaining to the people on the site though I expect it will fall on deaf ears!

"I leave this with you but no one can say you didn't all know if (when) something happens.

One of the signs.


"A concerned resident".

Responding to the resident's fears, a spokesperson for the Lancashire County Council said: "The traffic control measures currently in place along Longmeanygate, Midge Hall, are in place while highway improvement works are carried out by a private developer.

"This work is being undertaken as part of the agreed housing development on the Leyland vehicle test track site.

"Work is also required at this location to cut back some overgrown vegetation, however these hedges are not owned by Lancashire County Council.

"We are currently in talks with the landowners to try and facilitate this work."

A spokesperson for the development declined to comment.