Men's mental health group Chris' Join to return to Preston this Sunday

A men's mental health and well-being group by Preston Here for Humanity will take place this Sunday.

By Emma Downey
Monday, 17th January 2022, 12:47 pm

Founder of the Here for Humanity food bank Chris Murray explained that Chris's Join is a group by men, for men and a safe place for all to talk about their problems while having a brew and a biscuit in a safe space.

"Chris's Join is a group for men and takes its name from Jacob's Join - a Lancashire saying for a gathering of people where each person brings a plate of food!

"The group will be open to all men, refreshments will be provided and although the group will have a subject topic in the hope that will break the ice for members and give people something to talk about it will NOT have any kind of course work or anything other than a brew, a biscuit & a male who needs an hour for a chat."

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Organiser Chris Murray who has faced his own mental demons.

Chris first started cooking meals for vulnerable neighbours who were shielding at the start of lockdown and has since worked with volunteers to develop a food bank delivering food bags to hundreds of families locally each week.

No stranger to falling on hard times himself, he added: "It is no secret my life used to be so different 10 years ago and along with the years of imprisonment and time on some of the countries most notorious H.M.P segregation units & Prison mental health wings I hope I have some lived experience to help another man.

"I have lived with mental health inside institutions and the community and although I am no expert I do have this lived experience due to attempting suicide, mental health breakdowns and psychotic episodes and I continue to live with Borderline Personality Disorder for the rest of my life."

As suicide is the biggest killer of young men, Chris hopes to encourage local men to meet up and bond with one another in a bid to tackle the stigma around male mental health struggles.

Chris' Join will take place this Sunday.

The group will be funded by Community Owned H.F.H CIC and its partners and will take place every Sunday from 11am until 1pm at Carson Adams Community Suite, 245 Eldon Street in Preston.

For further information email [email protected].

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health you can contact the Samaritans free any time on 116 123.

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