This is how much it will cost you in fuel to drive from Preston to some of your favourite holiday destinations

With the rocketing cost of petrol prices soaring forcing many to ditch their vehicles for bikes, the Post decided to check how much it would cost to travel from Preston to a few of your favourite holiday destinations.

By Emma Downey
Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 3:45 pm

Here's what we found:

Going off the average UK unleaded and petrol and diesel price, of 153.64 per litre for unleaded and 157.69 for diesel, here's what it will cost you to drive from Preston to various destinations across the UK.

Based on the average miles per gallon of 50 for an average sized car, a drive from Preston to Manchester Airport will cost around £6 each way (unleaded) and £6.31 (diesel).

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Fuel prices back in October were already at skyrocketing prices

Preston to Edinburgh would cost £25.84 each way for an unleaded petrol car, and £26.52 in each direction for a diesel car. Preston to York would cost an estimated £13.69 each way in an unleaded vehicle, and £13.98 in a diesel car. Preston to London would be around £32.13 in an unleaded car, and £32.98 in a diesel car. Preston to Cornwall would cost roughly £48.61 in an unleaded car and £49.89 each way in a diesel vehicle. A quick search by the Post also revealed a mini break, two-day return flight from Manchester to Paris costs just £50 this month. If you fancied Rome, a two-day, round trip would cost £47.

RAC's use a 'Fuel Watch' petrol and diesel price monitoring initiative, helping to ensure retailers are charging drivers a fair price at forecourts.

Fuel prices vary across the UK and some forecourts are already charging considerably more than the average level.A year ago, the average petrol price stood at 122.50p a litre, while diesel was at 125.99p.If petrol reaches the 160p threshold, it will take the cost of filling up a typical family car with a 55-litre tank to a whopping £88.

A potential boycott from the US of Russian energy is being actively considered as a response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine - however this has pushed the price of oil to nearly $140 dollars a barrel. This has led to predictions that the average price at UK petrol pumps could soon reach £1.75 per litre.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “The average price of petrol across the UK has jumped by more than 4p in a week topping £1.55 for the first time ever which means a gallon costs over £7 – something which many older drivers will be struggling to comprehend. Diesel, however, has increased by 6.5p a litre to £1.61 or £7.30 a gallon.

“Russia’s actions will now push petrol pump prices up.”

Mr Williams went on: "The question then becomes where will this stop and how much can drivers take, just as many are using their cars more and returning to workplaces.“This would cause untold financial difficulties for many people who depend on their cars for getting to work and running their lives."

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