Anti-social behaviour and drug distribution still need tackling in Plungington

An engagement day carried out this week by Preston Police around the Plungington area has once again highlighted anti-social behaviour concerns.

By Emma Downey
Saturday, 18th December 2021, 4:55 am

On Wednesday police with officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, Task Force, Early Intervention Team and Mounted visited the area with partners from other agencies.

A police spokesperson said: "We have undertaken sweeps for knives and other offensive weapons, signed residents up to In The Know, and engaged with the community on issues effecting the area, with a multi-agency problem solving approach on addressing long-term concerns."

However, others were quick to call out the timing of the event on social media.

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Preston Police held a community event in Plungington this week to discuss with residents issues that need tackling.

Mark Baines said: "Well done, now do it at night and without announcing it first."

Of a similar mindset was John Paul Barnes who said: "Wrong time of the day should be out at night and early morning. Bikes being stolen cars being broken into. People trying doors."

Leader of Preston Council Councillor Matthew Brown said that councillors have been working with the local police and the community for some time.

"The main issue is HMO's - (A house in multiple occupation which is rented out by at least three people who are not from the one 'household'). We are engaging with police on these issues."

Increased police patrols for the Plungington area in Preston was one of the many topics debated.

Cabinet member for communities and social justice Councillor Nweeda Khan added: "I was involved in the community action day which is trying to address the many issues we have.

"We have an amazing clean up one day and then the next day bottles and debris all around. It's a constant battle but things have improved.

"We have a monthly PACT (Police and Communities Together) meeting to raise many of the social issues."

Asked what she thinks are the main issues that need tackling, she added: "Anti-social behaviour, drugs and littering. It is a very deprived area. No police presence causes issues along with HMO's. Austerity and cutbacks is not good enough. It impacts our communities.

Anti-social behaviour and drug distribution are some of the many issues that plague Plungington.

"Without resources us as councillors have our hands tied.

"We have not got adequate support until the police take some action. They have assured us extra policing and staffing. We will have to wait and see."