Beeches Care Home residents stay connected with the youth through zoom calls

Residents and staff at the Beeches Care Home in Coppull received a nice little pick me up in the shape of a Christmas video from pupils of Coppull Primary and Nursery School.

By Emma Downey
Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 4:55 am

Marketing Manager at the Beeches Care Home Kath Wood said: "During this difficult time we have kept in touch with the local community.

"We have held monthly virtual contacts between children and residents and I decided to put together a short video Christmas message and would like others to see how we can continue socialising during lockdown.

"The video is a message of love as the children have parents that are staff members and some of the children have great grandparents in the home."

Pupils of Coppull Primary School and Nursery.

Deputy Headteacher of Coppull Primary School and Nursery Lindsey Parkinson added: "We have had a good relationship with the Beeches Care Home for a number of years now and the Christmas carol singing for the residents was always a highlight for the children and residents.

"Pre-Covid we had a variety of activities planned for the coming year but sadly everything had to be

cancelled due to all of the restrictions at the start of the pandemic."

Still keen to still create opportunities for the children and residents to enjoy time together, the school began Zoom sessions with small groups of children of different ages and some of the residents.

Sing us a song.

The school decided that the restrictions on care home visits wouldn’t stop them bringing some Christmas cheer and arranged to still continue as normal by delivering handmade Christmas cards, hosting a virtual

Christmas parcel pass and performed carols from outside in the car park area.

She continued: "It was incredibly emotional for all involved and really highlighted the need to maintain our relationship just in a more creative way. Intergenerational connections have proven to be hugely beneficial and we have

certainly seen the benefits to our children and we will continue to think of ways to hopefully bring

little moments of happiness on an otherwise difficult and somewhat lonely time for the residents at the Beeches."