“How can children be so evil?” - reader reaction to school girl being set upon by gang of youths

Yesterday the Post released shocking footage of 11-year-old Ellissia Brooks from Chorley being viciously assaulted by a gang of other girls.

Lisa Ainsworth whose daughter Bethany was also the victim of a horrific assault and Ellissia’s mother Jade Brooks have now formed an alliance to take and stand against bullies by saying enough.

Here is what a selection of shocked Post readers had to say:

Helen Donnelly: “How awful.”

Lisa Ainsworth whose daughter Bethany was badly beaten by a gang of youths "to an inch of her life" has been interviewed by the BBC to highlight that something needs to be done to stop this. She is pictured with fellow mother Jade Brooks whose daughter Ellissia was also the victim of a horrific attack which was videoed

Kerry Marie: “How can children be so evil?”

Charlotte Dunne: “Disgusting it took the police 48 hours they should have been there in minutes not days.”

Sandra McIntosh Stonier: “Those poor girls.”

Karl McLaughlin: “I hope the parents of the girls responsible came down on their kids like a tonne of bricks.”

11-year-old Ellissia was stamped on, kicked and punched by a gang of youths

Daniel Matthews: “The groups know nothing will happen and so carry on. It's disgusting.”

Linda Little: “Absolutely shocking behaviour coming from primary school kids, I dread to think how they will behave in secondary school.”

Jemma Brown: “Well done for speaking out there's so many children that are to scared to speak out police say they want to help but when they are called they don't do anything and ask the bully to say sorry I think its disgusting children don't feel safe.”

Fiona Hill: “Problem is there is no deterrent anymore, just a slap on the wrist, sometimes not even that, I despair.”

Bethany Ainsworth was also the victim of an assault

Nicole Jodie Woods: “How awful, poor girl, I fear for my babies growing up with the way kids are these days, just horrible bullies.”

Jenny Catherine Sayers: “This is assault. Why can't kids be prosecuted for this?”

Amanda An Graham Mcfarlane: “Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Hope your daughters are okay.”

Mandy Lane: “Lisa Catherine and Jade Chantelle are two amazing mums. I've chased a few bully girls across a park or two. Given tongue lashings on-line and outside shops. But the kids have got more violent and dangerous these days. In my day they'd be expelled and have no mates.

D-wan Notrethorb: “What is wrong with this generation of children! Seriously! As kids we had fights but not to the point where we nearly killed each other.”

Virginia Hamilton: “This is disgusting hope your daughter is okay. Unfortunately this is some of the children today most of them left to their own devices and parents don’t care.”