How BBC Radio Lancashire presenter and columnist writes a letter every year to her son for his birthday

Columnist Hayley Kay writes her son a letter for his fourth birthday.

By Hayley Kay
Saturday, 14th December 2019, 11:45 am
Hayley Kay with Freddie
Hayley Kay with Freddie

Recently my son turned four years of age.

On my son’s first birthday I started a tradition of writing him a letter to mark the occasion. So here is this year’s letter offering.

Dear Freddie,

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How did we get here so quickly? It only feels like five minutes ago we were explaining to you that there were eleven whole months before your birthday, yet here we are.

You’ve been patiently waiting, ticking all the other family member’s birthdays off the calendar, in fact one of the first things you learned this year was the month of everyone’s birthday.

Can you believe you had two holidays in this year? One with us and another with Grandma and Grandad.

You love being in the sunshine playing in the pool with seemingly endless energy.

Back at home you’ve continued with your swimming lessons and can now swim 15 metres all by yourself; sadly you don’t need me in the water with you anymore.

You’ve also started judo and won your first medal and tag last month. I cried big fat tears of pride at your grading, when you got on the mat (after initially refusing) and completed the throws and moves your coach asked you to.

You still adore picnics and being outside, we let you stay up late back in September and took you to the World Fireworks Championships, we were worried it was going to be too busy and loud, but as with most things you do, you took it all in your stride.

You still love all things super heroes, jigsaws and playing imaginary games, one of your favourites is one where you pretend to be a dog, usually Bessie (nana and grandad’s dog) and you sleep with your little Barnie dog teddy every night, in fact, Daddy and I are sure you’ll be asking for a dog of your own soon.

Do you remember when you did the Bubble Run? You were all green by the time you finished, but you were delighted with your medal and you raised £300 for the hospice in memory of your Great Aunty Lib, who’d have been as proud of you as I was.

The hardest thing you’ve dealt with was the departure of most of your friends from Pre-School to ‘Big School’, we did our best to explain it, but I know how much you miss them. Hayden is still your best friend though and although he was one of the ‘leavers’, you still see him at swimming and we have adventures with him (and his mummy) all the time.

This week is your nativity and you’re playing ‘The Shepherd’.

Daddy and I can’t wait to come and watch you; we’ve been practising your songs with you and already know you’re going to be great.

My favourite times are all with you son, you make my heart burst with pride, just carry on being you because you’re truly amazing.

I love you always,

Mummy xxx

P.S. Remind me to tell you the ‘Rudolf’ story one day, it’s a belter!