Trampoline Academy in Coppull 'bounces' back from brink of closure

Springfield Park Leisure Centre Trampolining Academy in Coppull has reopened after Covid and is on the lookout for new members.

By Emma Downey
Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 10:18 am

The trampolining, gymnastics and free-running centre, has been going for around 12 years and was running well before the pandemic hit.

However, after a lot of trials and tribulations following people quitting which forced an end to the trampoline club returning and a dark cloud over the future of the club, a decision was made to form their own academy during the pandemic.

One of the managers Jordan Smith said: "For the girls who were attending the centre for six days a week this came as a big shock.

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The girls with their medals.

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"When we heard the announcement that we were going into a lockdown, and of course we all thought it would be a couple of weeks."

During lockdown some online conditioning sessions were put on for the gymnasts who attended Monday sessions which lasted about one and a half hours.

This soon progressed to around three to four hours, six days a week as some of the girls were struggling with having to stay at home day in day out.

How high can you jump?

He added: "They began learning about other countries, other movement disciplines such as martial arts, animal-based movements, learning about history and all the different warriors from various countries, they even began learning Japanese, all this to help pass the time and gain new knowledge.

"Some girls were really struggling mentally with the whole pandemic situation, having to do online schooling etc, and many had thought about quitting trampolining and training altogether, and we did have a few members quit.

"The change was so drastic, not being allowed to attend the gym for some members who were there 20+ hours a week over six days was just too big of a change.

"We began training, building things up yet again, some girls really struggling to push past some fears and mental blocks they were having on the trampoline simple due to being in lockdown and not bouncing. ∙ Though we pushed on through together fighting back day by day."

One of the gymnasts at work.

Last December they held an in-house competition familiarise the gymnasts with competing again.

A competition was to be held in January, but was cancelled due to the venue being used as a jab centre.

Thankfully, the North West Gymnastics Association Committee pulled together and arranged the first competition in a new location and venue - a first competition for the new Academy.

Jordan added: "We had our first competition recently and we medalled in 8/9 positions.

Checking the form of the gymnasts.

"To see just how good we can become with hard work, discipline and focus and anything is possible.

"These current girls have been through a lot but they are stronger because of it, but the worry is not over as the centre is struggling financially as many people have just not returned."

For further information you can call the centre on 01257 471481 or email [email protected]

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