Stanley Arms to play host to first LGBT event tonight

Both The Market Tavern and Stanley Arms in Preston have started running nights for the LGBTQ+ community and pub landlord Paul Butcher hoping it is the first of many.

By Emma Downey
Friday, 10th December 2021, 12:30 pm

The Stanley Arms will host its first event this evening from 8pm.

Paul, 46, who is also landlord of the Market Tavern, said: "We will be holding two LGBT nights for the community. One will be in the Market Tavern every Wednesday from 8pm until midnight.

"There's a mix of live music, karaoke and open mic - if you want to watch or perform it's amazing.

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Paul outside the Tavern.

"This is already a busy, warm, friendly and fun night with no pretensions and it's a pleasure to attend and for us to host."

He added: "This all began a few months ago when Dan and Laura our bar staff came to us with an idea and we've run with it.

Speaking of the event to be held this evening in the Stanley Arms he added that he wanted to steer away of the stereo-typical music mindset and replace it with a rock indie feel.

"The event this evening is called Trash and at present this is monthly from 8pm until 2am with a nominal ticket price of just £4.

Paul Butcher who will be hosting LGBT nights in both bars.

"We hope to move this to a weekly event in the new year."

Asked whether he thinks being gay is more accepted now he added: "We are moving towards more acceptable than three or four years ago but there is still a bit of a stigma. We love running these nights though and welcome everybody, gay, straight or otherwise.

"We don't have to be a gay bar or a straight bar. We don't prescribe to that mindset all. It's nearly 2022 and we welcome everyone through our doors."

The Stanley Arms will host the first of many LGBTQ+ community nights this evening.