Thousands of cannabis plants seized and driver arrested by Lancashire Police

Thousands of cannabis has been seized this morning in Lancashire and the driver arrested.

By Emma Downey
Saturday, 29th January 2022, 10:58 am

Lancashire Police Tactical Operations seized dozens of plants this morning after spotting the van in question with fog lights on while lane hopping.

A spokesperson for the Lancashire Police Tactical Operations said: "When you're moving your cannabis plants around, probably not a good idea to be lane hogging with your fog lights on. It tends to draw our attention. "Thousands of £'s of cannabis seized and driver arrested. They had no insurance or licence either."

.The news follows Blackpool South Neighbourhood Policing Team and Task Force shutting down a cannabis farm in a matter of hours on Thursday evening.

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Pictures show dozens of plants which were seized by the Tactical Operations team.
The cannabis plants which were seized this morning.